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‘These banks have got established customers on their books right now, so they are going to do the best to retain these customers,’ said Costa Natsas, partner at auditing firm PwC in South Africa. Worrying for the incumbents, though, is the fact Capitec’s success was based on aggressive pricing vintage tiffany cufflinks uk online. After a slow start, it has more than doubled its client base in the past five years and has an industry-leading return on equity of 27 percent. According to a survey by consultants McKinsey & Company published in February, pricing was the primary reason nearly 60 percent of Capitec’s 10 million customers switched..

“While we haven’t disclosed yet what our pricing structure will be, the name Bank Zero should give you a very strong hint of what the banking fees should be,” Jordaan told Reuters. “Once we launch, there will be many more things that we think we can do to revolutionize banking, not just in South Africa, but also other emerging markets,” he said. Fees at the main banks for deposits, withdrawals and transfers have for years largely ranged from 100 rand to 250 rand a month, but can rise as high as 450 rand – a sizeable sum in a country where the minimum wage is 20 rand per hour vintage tiffany cufflinks uk online.

“Is the competition going to be fierce? Of course, it’s all about the value customers perceive they will get when considering whether to switch banking providers or not, and this will largely determine whether inroads are gradual or accelerated,” said PwC’s Natsas vintage tiffany cufflinks uk online. The other battlefield will be in the pricing of credit and interest on savings accounts. With rates now on basic savings accounts ranging from 2.6 percent to 5 percent, traditional banks might have to offer at least double to compete..

“We’re paying roughly up to 10 percent interest in our savings account, that’s something we’ve never heard of in this country,” said TymeBank CEO Shabalala, who previously worked for Nedbank. TymeBank has said it will launch officially next year, Bank Zero is aiming for early 2019 and Discovery Bank is due to launch in March vintage tiffany cufflinks uk online. Discovery is pinning its hopes on a data program called Vitality that helped Discovery Ltd’s health insurance business overtake rivals such Liberty Health. Vitality is a behavior tracking program that rewards health insurance clients for healthy lifestyles, such as by paying for gym memberships..

“We followed our purpose in making people healthier but in a financial sense,” said Adrian Gore, founder and chief executive Discovery Ltd, referring to the new bank’s business model vintage tiffany cufflinks uk online. Discovery Bank will target the group’s 2 million health insurance clients, rewarding them with lower rates on loans and higher rates on saving accounts – provided they achieve targets such as saving for retirement, paying down a mortgage or having short-term insurance. Discovery, which is considering giving 10 percent of the bank to black investors, is not the only one relying on data analytics..