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swarovski cufflinks india uk online – The Jazz Saxophone is one of the most beautiful musical instruments that produces a song so moving it will get your feet tapping in an instant! Celebrate the likes of Louis Armstrong, Sam Rivers, and Charlie Parker when you don these great Jazz Sax Cufflinks on the sleeves of your favorite French cuffs shirt or blouse! Each cufflink features the profile view of a miniature saxophone, and is incredibly detailed with all of the keys standing out on display, ready to be played in a medley of smooth jazz sounds! These cufflinks are ideal for music lovers and jazz enthusiasts everywhere.

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Legal challenges to the deal, which would reshape the global passenger aviation market, have been plentiful and are common in Brazilian dealmaking in general. Boeing and Embraer said on Monday they had finalized theterms of the agreement, valuing the Brazilian planemaker’s commercial division at $5.26 billion. [nL1N1YM097] The agreement needs approval from the Brazilian governmentbecause it holds a so-called golden share in Embraer that gives it veto power over strategic decisions and any change inits controlling interest. The planemaker formally sought that approval on Monday and it is expected within 30 days swarovski cufflinks india uk online.

BERLIN/MADRID (Reuters) – Models testing fashion brands like Adidas (ADSGn.DE), Benetton and Gap (GPS.N) are finding that almost a third of the shoes and clothes they try on are bigger or smaller than the size on the label indicates, explaining why many clothes bought online are sent back swarovski cufflinks india uk online. Calculating sizes more accurately could help online retailers like Germany’s Zalando (ZALG.DE) and Britain’s ASOS (ASOS.L) cut costly returns and improve customer satisfaction. “If you try on the same brand in a different color it is sometimes a different size,” Zalando fitting model Savina Bellotto said as she squeezed a foot into a stiletto shoe with a shiny silver buckle that dug into her ankle..

Discounting to shift stock means fashion retailers are struggling to preserve profit margins, and ASOS’s warning on Monday of a major downturn caused retail shares to tumble swarovski cufflinks india uk online. Targeting returns, fast fashion firms like Zara and H&M (HMb.ST) have introduced software that suggests sizes for online customers. Customers type in height and weight, which are processed alongside historic data on purchases and returns. “It’s a big burden for the retailer,” said Nivindya Sharma, director of retail strategy at trend forecaster WGSN. “Free returns started off as being a competitive advantage but now they’re the norm.”..

Around half of Americans expect to return clothes ordered online this holiday season due to poor fit, according to a survey by technology firm BodyBlock swarovski cufflinks india uk online. “Returns cost you a fortune. Firstly, you’ve got an unhappy customer, but also you’ve got the re-processing and putting it back into stock,” said Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski, a partner at Columbus Consulting, which specializes in retail processes. To crack the sizing problem, Zalando, Europe’s biggest online-only fashion retailer, told Reuters it was augmenting the data it gathers online with feedback from models who check new styles..

“If we can put an article on a fitting model, just before or as an article is online, we immediately know there is a fitting problem,” said Zalando’s director of engineering Stacia Carr, adding that models flag about 30 percent of stock as too big or too small swarovski cufflinks india uk online. Returns are a major issue for Zalando as about half the products it sells are sent back. A tradition of catalog shopping with free returns means customers in its German home market are comfortable sending back unwanted goods..