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“I think it’s still going to be difficult to rally significantly, because over-arching we have the tariff situation and as long that exists it is really difficult for people to really get super excited about stocks right now because there is a big unknown in the markets.” star wars cufflinks uk online. “Even though they raised rates, the markets are still pushing rates down, from what is going on in the 10-year and 30-year futures . “It’s still all about tariffs, we’ll see what happens tariff-wise, that’s still the primary story..

QUINCY KROSBY, CHIEF MARKET STRATEGIST, PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL, NEWARK, NEW JERSEY. “Clearly this is a Fed that’s going to be forced to be data dependent star wars cufflinks uk online. The GDP forecast for next year is solid. It’s not stellar. If it begins to wane the Fed is going to have to be data dependent.”. “What the market needs right now is a spate of unequivocally strong data. That’s what it needs to absorb a couple of rate hikes next year. There’s a question if the market gets that.”..

“There’s an adage that price action comes before the data … The question becomes whether or not the Fed and the market meet somewhere in the middle where they’re seeing the same trajectory.”. “The market has been oversold so you’d have expected to see a bounce but there are those who were waiting  for the bounce to sell into it to lock in gains.”. KRISTINA HOOPER, GLOBAL MARKET STRATEGIST, INVESCO LTD, NEW YORK. “The Fed did what the market had hoped for and expected, which is to raise rates but to suggest a more dovish stance in 2019.” star wars cufflinks uk online.

“The Fed couldn’t get too dovish without sounding alarmist so this was a delicate balancing act, but I believe they struck the right balance because there’s always room to make alterations going forward… This is a very good place for the Fed to leave 2018.”. “I’m not as concerned as, I think, markets have become in recent days. The economic growth picture remains solid even though its decelerated, and that’s true globally it’s also true in the U.S., although it’s something of a standout compared to a lot of other countries’ economies star wars cufflinks uk online. This is an environment where certainly risks have increased, but my base case remains modest growth.”..

DAVID JOY, CHIEF MARKET STRATEGIST, AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL, BOSTON. “It’s a disappointment to investors who were hoping it was going to be more dovish than it turned out to be star wars cufflinks uk online. A lot of people were thinking they needed to change the language.  The language last time said the committee expects further gradual increases are consistent with conditions. This time they said some further increases will be needed. That is not as dovish as some people were hoping – maybe adjustments going forward left the door open left the door open to an increase or maybe even no change or a cut at some point. That is not what they did. It looks like now they are saying maybe two hikes next year instead of three, that is a little bit of moderation but it is not nearly what the market was hoping for..