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NEIL ATKINSON, HEAD OF THE OIL MARKETS DIVISION, INTERNATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY, PARIS shirts which need cufflinks uk online. “If prices do settle above where they did yesterday, that will be welcome to oil producers because they’re not only looking to maintain profitability, they also see it as a signal to invest in more capacity for the future. Many have already hedged for 2019, so in some respects it may not make a big difference to them. The bottlenecks aren’t going away overnight.”. ROBERT MCNALLY, PRESIDENT, RAPIDAN ENERGY GROUP IN WASHINGTON..

“Relative to how big this looming supply tsunami is, the cut is not nearly enough to prevent big inventory builds next year. President Trump and President Putin prevented OPEC+ from cutting by more, which was certainly needed to put a sturdy floor under prices. They are putting a fuzzy floor under prices.”. ASHLEY KELTY, OIL & GAS RESEARCH ANALYST, CANTOR FITZGERALD EUROPE shirts which need cufflinks uk online. “The supposed cut of 1.2 million bpd by OPEC+ is larger than some had expected, although still some way off what is really required to bring the market back into balance..

“However, the real issue is the details of the baseline point from which the new quotas are set, given the Saudis increased production significantly last month. If it is on current production levels, then the net impact for the Saudis is in reality negligible relative to what they were producing before prices slipped from $80 highs. Consequently, it is hard to say what the long-term impact will be shirts which need cufflinks uk online. Our initial snap judgment is that prices will stabilize in the $60-65/bbl range, as the cuts are likely to be insufficient to stem the near term supply glut, given U.S. output is continuing to rise (albeit at a slower pace due to capacity constraints)..

“It feels like a bit of a fudge, and the absence of the final communique at this late stage suggests that a lot of horse trading has been underway to reach a situation that tries to appeal to all parties, whilst ending up with a situation that will appease no-one.”. SAMEER PANJWANI, ANALYST AT INVESTMENT FIRM TUDOR, PICKERING, HOLT & CO., HOUSTON. “The biggest thing it provides is a lot of clarity for U.S shirts which need cufflinks uk online. independent upstream producers going into budgeting season for 2019. The biggest concern has been that a lot of these operators are not going to be disciplined about how they spend capital in 2019 and prioritize growth over generating free cash flow. The announcement provides a baseline of support of oil between $50 and $55. That’s a decent level for U.S. independents.”..

KIRILL TACHENNIKOV, SENIOR OIL AND GAS ANALYST, BCS GLOBAL MARKETS. “We recognize the agreement reached as highly positive, as it outpaced the market expectations of 1 mmbd following the latest guidance. Now we think that with such limited supply we can see the opposite picture next year (i.e. oil deficit on the market) which may bring prices to a new maximum by mid-2019.”. JOHN KILDUFF, PARTNER, AGAIN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, NEW YORK. “The size of the production cut appears to be sufficient to bring some balance back to the market in the near-term. It had to be done, but the problem of steadily rising U.S. production and exports remains a big problem for the group. Still, with exemptions for Iran and Libya, the effectiveness of the accord may be rapidly undercut.” shirts which need cufflinks uk online.