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Ryan Fry, who has brokered deals between Walmart and domestic and international toy vendors for over six years for Diverse Marketing, said Walmart has bought about 15-20 percent more toys through him since September, compared with last year. Fry said the vendors he works with have all been stockpiling toys from China to get ahead of the tariffs rose flower cufflinks uk online. “Our merchant teams are working on any kind of eventuality we might face and, as we always do, working with suppliers and how they think about costs,” Walmart’s McInnis said. “But it can take time to shift production to other regions.” “Retailers are trying to mitigate the tariffs,” said Brett Rose, CEO of United National Consumer Suppliers (UNCS), a wholesale distributor of overstocked goods such as garden tools, beauty products and toys. “Everybody’s stocking up,” he added..

Rose named Macy’s, TJX, Ross Stores Inc and Bed Bath & Beyond Inc among those he had sold significantly more Chinese products to in recent months. Those companies declined to comment. “Customers are buying about 20-25 percent more products than last year,” Rose said rose flower cufflinks uk online. The surge in imports is boosting revenues for U.S. ports and logistics companies, but may mean less business in the second half of next year, some customs brokers said. The Port of Oakland said November imports were up 15 percent from last year and said importers had been rushing in cargo from China ahead of tariffs. Maritime revenue was up 10 percent in the quarter ended September, Port of Oakland spokesman Mike Zampa said..

“If we stay anywhere near this pace, we’ll set a volume record for 2018,” Zampa said. “Will it last? Well that’s obviously the $64 question rose flower cufflinks uk online. I haven’t heard anyone say definitely that they know what’s going to happen next year.”. In Los Angeles County, home to the sprawling U.S. seaport complex that handles roughly half of the container shipments from China, CBRE said the vacancy rate had dropped to 1.2 percent – the second-lowest rate in the country and significantly below the national average of 4.5 percent..

“I’ve been here 30 years, it’s the lowest I’ve seen,” said Kurt Strasmann, the executive managing director overseeing the sought-after Southern California region for CBRE. “There’s been some stress on short-term needs.” rose flower cufflinks uk online. Supply chain companies told Reuters that many stores and vendors have had to pay more to rent external storage, and that some have been turned away. Port Logistics Group operates 6.5 million square-feet of space at 14 distribution centers, and counts major brick-and-mortar retailers as customers. But it recently had to turn away a Walmart toy vendor who needed about 80,000 square-feet to store 100 containers of products, according to the firm’s vice president of business development, Scott Weiss..

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The Nasdaq Composite Index .IXIC, known for its high-profile technology and internet companies, closed no more than a rounding error from bear market territory on Thursday. The index during the session fell into bear territory, which is defined as a 20 percent drop from its previous high, but it ended above its lows for the session, sparing it for now from confirming a bear market. The Nasdaq’s descent in less than four months is the latest sign that the bull market that began in the depths of the financial crisis a decade ago could be coming to an end rose flower cufflinks uk online.