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STOCKS: S&P 500 .SPX drops 3.24 percent; Nasdaq Composite .IXIC falls 3.8 percent; Dow Jones Industrial Average .DJI tumbles 3.1 percent; Russell 2000 plunges 4.4 percent. BONDS: 10-year yields US10YT=RR drop below 2.90 percent at one point (latest 2.915); spread vs 2-year notes narrowed to below 10 basis points (latest 11.3); the yield curve is now inverted from the 2- through 5-year maturities platinum cufflinks uk online. CURRENCIES: Dollar index .DXY has retraced most of the early-day losses, now little changed on the day..

MIKE TERWILLIGER, PORTFOLIO MANAGER, RESOURCE LIQUID ALTERNATIVES, NEW YORK. “Today seems to be driven by a realization that yesterday’s Chinese tariff-relate relief rally was misplaced. The gap between China and the U.S platinum cufflinks uk online. right now is wide and will not be bridged by promises of increased soy bean purchases. The appointment of Robert Lighthizer to lead the negotiation suggests that the strongest anti-China voices within the White House have the president’s ear, for now at least, increasing the risk of a protracted battle.”..

“It’s a stunning market backdrop where everything from the adjectives used by the Fed chairman to whom is appointed head of trade negotiations can roil the markets. While the macro backdrop remains firm, with strong earnings and historically low unemployment, sentiment is unquestionably vulnerable platinum cufflinks uk online. That would, in my view, fit the definition of an opportunity — a disconnect between the underlying and perception.”. YOUSEF ABBASI, GLOBAL MARKET STRATEGIST AT INTL FCSTONE IN NEW YORK..

“You’re seeing that risk-off move right back into play. A lot of people looked at the action from yesterday to preface today’s action. People found themselves to be hard-pressed to be encouraged. You had futures fail at a key level yesterday.”. “It felt like selling into strength on the back of the G20 news than any chasing or buying into that news. The trade talks were encouraging, but we didn’t get anywhere. The administration gets a little bit excited in communicating their message sometimes and then they have to walk back statements.” platinum cufflinks uk online.

“Some of it I would blame on communication from the administration, some of it I would say communication from the Fed. Today Williams was out saying the economy is on track and we’re looking forward to further hikes platinum cufflinks uk online. It goes against what the market got last week out of Powell when he painted a more dovish picture.”. “You got a mild inversion in the belly of the curve, I am sure there are some investment models that are reading this as OK, we’re potentially facing a big slowdown, lets pare down risk.”..