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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, facing an election next year, offered the oilpatch this week C$1.6 billion in aid. In May, Ottawa agreed to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline in hopes of pushing through an expansion to nearly triple capacity as other proposed lines languished. In 2006, then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper boasted Canada would soon become an “energy superpower.” Canada was producing 2.6 million bpd, which moved smoothly to U.S. refineries through pipelines. Since then, production has nearly doubled, but pipeline growth has stalled personalized wedding cufflinks india uk online.

Both Conservative Harper and Liberal Trudeau squelched opportunities to complete pipelines just as opposition to more lines multiplied. Two projects were killed, and legal setbacks have stymied the development of TransCanada Corp’s (TRP.TO) Keystone XL and the government-owned Trans Mountain expansion personalized wedding cufflinks india uk online. A year after taking office in 2015 Trudeau proposed a bargain aimed at satisfying both environmentalists and the oil industry – a national carbon-pricing plan to reduce Canada’s emissions while approving pipeline expansions..

The strategy has inflamed both sides. When a court overturned Ottawa’s approval of the expansion of Trans Mountain in August, the deal was off and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley yanked support for Trudeau’s carbon plan just hours later. Indigenous and environmental opposition to pipelines has forced Trudeau to push for tighter regulations on future pipelines. The changes are necessary to “depoliticize” the system, Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi said personalized wedding cufflinks india uk online. “We need to fix the broken system that we have now so we are able to build the pipeline capacity that is so necessary.”..

But Trudeau has already shelved Enbridge’s Northern Gateway proposal, which would have run through northern Alberta to the Pacific coast, and the National Energy Board in 2017 toughened its review of TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline while it was underway. Both projects are now dead. Alberta is seeking to buy rail cars to reduce the glut, and earlier this month, the province ordered producers to cut output after its oil fell to a discount of $52 per barrel from U.S. oil in October. Notley told reporters on Tuesday that people in Alberta can make profits from oil and gas, “but they need Ottawa to take the handcuffs off personalized wedding cufflinks india uk online. We need rail. We need long-term support for getting that pipeline built.”..

Alberta’s oil sands, a mixture of sand, water, clay and thick, heavy oil, became a compelling target for environmentalists as production expanded dramatically in the early 2000s. The mining process scrapes away trees and vegetation across huge tracts of land, leaving a path of destruction captured in aerial images, while a different production method using steam consumes huge amounts of natural gas. Clayton Thomas-Muller, an indigenous activist, said environmentalists grew frustrated trying to stop the industry’s expansion through the Alberta Energy Regulator, but found a new strategy of opposing the pipelines personalized wedding cufflinks india uk online.

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But because NBET is not paid in full for the power it buys, generators such as Azura have been partly reimbursed from an emergency central bank loan fund created to keep the sector afloat. NNPC told Reuters one of the reasons the Qua Iboe plant (QIPP), which is due to be built in the southern state of Akwa Ibom, had been delayed was because NBET appeared reluctant to commit to new projects to avoid increasing its liabilities. “The continued delay relates to the current cashflow challenges at NBET, as highlighted by the Azura project,” a spokesman for NNPC said in an emailed statement custom initial cufflinks uk online. “This concern is justified by the fact that NBET is yet to see an improvement in collections from DISCOs (distribution companies).”..

NBET did not immediately respond to a request for comment on NNPC’s statement about QIPP custom initial cufflinks uk online. NBET chief executive Marilyn Amobi told Reuters in November that it was hard for the company to work because of poor infrastructure and shortfalls in cash from distributors needed to reimburse generators. “You don’t have the infrastructure, you don’t have the financial position to do it, you don’t actually have the products, and you don’t have the grid,” she said. NNPC said another problem for QIPP was that the World Bank had made a partial risk guarantee, similar to the one that helped Azura attract investors, contingent on the government’s implementation of an agreed power sector recovery plan..

“In theory it is okay, but the risk is there are delays in the approvals which may impact QIPP,” NNPC said. Power ministry officials and the World Bank have been in talks about long-term structural changes needed to trigger the release of a $1 billion loan to help pay for reforms. A World Bank spokeswoman said the loan had yet to be submitted to its board for approval and that the Washington-based lender considered the recovery plan to be “critical for de-risking the sector for private investments” custom initial cufflinks uk online.

Problems that need to be tackled include decaying infrastructure, mounting debts, low tariffs for electricity and a dilapidated government-owned grid that would collapse if all the country’s power generators operated at full tilt. Even though NBET has an agreement to buy 13 gigawatts (GW) from power generators, the system can only cope with distributors sending out an average of 4 GW, according to the ministry of power. The World Bank spokeswoman confirmed any future guarantees for independent power plants (IPPs) would be linked to the plan’s implementation – because the economic and financial viability of generation capacity expansion was at risk custom initial cufflinks uk online.

A spokeswoman for Black Rhino, which is one of private equity firm Blackstone’s portfolio companies, declined to comment on NNPC’s announcement of a delay to QIPP. When the project was unveiled, Nigerian cement giant Dangote Group was named as a joint venture partner – along with Black Rhino and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation custom initial cufflinks uk online. But a Dangote executive told Reuters on condition of anonymity that the company, owned by Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, had pulled out..

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They built wider coalitions, tapping into anger of Nebraska ranchers and drawing the attention of Hollywood celebrities such as director James Cameron. Opponents of TransCanada’s Keystone XL began protests at the White House in 2011, seeking arrest and attention letter l cufflinks uk online. Then-U.S. President Barack Obama finally rejected the project in 2015. “Full credit to climate-change advocates, they kicked the snot out of Corporate Canada,” said Tim Powers, a Conservative political strategist. He said Canadian resource companies have been too focused on the regulatory process, while climate-change advocates “laid out a better, more compelling narrative” to win public opinion..

U.S. President Donald Trump resurrected Keystone XL in 2017. But both KXL and Trans Mountain remain in regulatory limbo after courts ruled in recent months that the U.S. and Canadian governments failed to properly do their jobs. The cases that overturned approvals for Northern Gateway and Trans Mountain led companies to question investment in Canada letter l cufflinks uk online. The end result is a Canadian oil patch in retreat. “My main fear is that other nations will continue to produce at market price and Canada will be left behind,” said Duncan Au, chief executive of CWC Energy Services Corp. The well drilling company has cut about 70 employees, or nearly 10 percent, since the beginning of 2018..

LAGOS (Reuters) – Plans to build another privately-financed power station in Nigeria to help end decades of chronic blackouts have been delayed because of concerns about persistent shortfalls in payments for electricity across the sector. The $1.1 billion Qua Iboe Power Plant being developed by energy infrastructure company Black Rhino and the state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation won’t get a green light by the end of 2018 as planned and it was unclear when the deal might close, NNPC told Reuters letter l cufflinks uk online.

The delay is a setback for Africa’s biggest oil producer where 80 million people don’t have access to grid power supplies and it exposes the difficulties in attracting private investment to a sector that successive governments have tried to reform. The uncertainty surrounding the 540-megawatt Qua Iboe plant stems from the difficulties Nigeria’s first privately-financed independent power project – the 460-megawatt Azura-Edo plant – has encountered since it came online this year letter l cufflinks uk online.

Azura was meant to be a model for a string of independent power plants financed by international investors. To give them confidence to invest in the first major plant since the power sector was privatized in 2013, the World Bank provided a safeguard known as a partial risk guarantee – meaning the lender would step in if Nigeria defaulted on payments. Under the current system, the government-owned Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading company (NBET) buys power from generators and passes it on to distributors who then collect money from customers and reimburse NBET letter l cufflinks uk online.

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“The huge debt level, and, the fact the IPPs are not making profits, is another reason for prospective investors to be deterred,” he said. “Further, collecting revenue from the distribution companies is also becoming a mirage.”. A Dangote Group spokesman declined to comment on the delay to QIPP, or whether the company had pulled out military cufflinks and studs uk online. The payment problems in the Nigerian power sector were thrust into the spotlight in March when four generating companies filed a lawsuit against the government and Azura..

To ensure the generating companies were paid in full throughout 2017 and 2018, the government created a 701 billion naira ($2.3 billion) loan fund at the central bank to guarantee payments. When the fund was established in 2017, Azura wasn’t part of the calculations military cufflinks and studs uk online. But when Azura started producing electricity, the fund was also used to pay the new plant to ensure the terms of loan deals guaranteed by the World Bank were not breached. As a result, the other companies were told they would only receive 80 percent of the sums owed, according to the lawsuit filed in March..

The four energy companies want the fund to reimburse them in full, rather than allocating part of the money to the new plant military cufflinks and studs uk online. Azura declined to comment on payments for power generated. “If the central bank wasn’t paying, the system would collapse,” an official at a multilateral lender said on condition of anonymity. “Qua Iboe IPP would enter a system that is illiquid and insolvent. The liquidity is being provided by the central bank.”. The official said QIPP would need the same partial risk guarantee Azura received to get off the ground, but the handling of payments to Azura by the Nigerian authorities so far meant there was little appetite to offer the same support..

Fola Fagbule, senior vice president and head of advisory at Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) – one of the multilateral lenders that invested in Azura – agreed that the Qua Iboe project would struggle without payment guarantees military cufflinks and studs uk online. “What you have is an insolvent system,” he said. “It is really difficult to make a case for a project on that scale.”. A person with direct knowledge of QIPP who declined to be named said Azura’s experience was damaging international investors’ view of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation..

“There has to be some understanding of how the sector is going to be able to afford new electrons coming into the grid,” the person said. “(Those involved) do not want QIPP to build a project that could just end up in a default situation.”. Nigeria’s privatized power sector typically does not use meters to provide invoices, bill collections are low and energy tariffs have remained fixed for three years, meaning customers receive unsustainably cheap electricity. The effect, say industry experts, is that electricity distribution companies recover so little revenue from customers that they pay less than a third of what they owe to generating companies – and that’s why debts have ballooned military cufflinks and studs uk online.

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Lower profit expectations, slower economic growth and higher interest rates probably did for the decade-long bullrun. To be sure, the U.S. economy is still growing at a decent pace. But when bears creep into high-growth, investor-darling tech stocks, it’s a clear sign that optimism about growth is fizzling. Possibly too, moves in higher-profile indices such as the Nasdaq index – itself about to be swallowed by the bears – have overshadowed other segments of the U.S. market. For instance, the Russell 2000 small-cap index has entered the bears’ lair and this seep into small-caps is of concern, given these companies often carry higher debt loads than their larger peers 18k rose gold cufflinks uk online. So falling share prices highlight their credit risk, an issue we will hear more of in 2019..

– After Fed selloff, is a U.S. bear market next?. – Nasdaq drop leaves it just shy of bear market. – ANALYSIS-How bears are taking over world stock markets. As 2018 fades, Japanese policymakers’ hearts must be sinking. The yen has zoomed to 8-month highs versus the dollar, stocks have sunk into bear territory and weaker-than-expected price growth data shows disinflationary clouds gathering – yet again. By all accounts, Japanese funds are retreating from U.S. equity and bond investments, driven out by prohibitive hedging costs 18k rose gold cufflinks uk online. That along with an inflow of safety-seeking foreign cash could lift the yen further. So any dreams the BOJ might harbor of ending stimulus are receding further into the future..

Here’s a thought though. Could the yen’s safe-haven status come under doubt? After all Japan’s export-focused economy is highly vulnerable to a trade war, and an upcoming sales tax hike rekindles memories of 2014, when a similar tax increase hurt the economy. And notwithstanding dovish BOJ signals, officials privately acknowledge the demerits of prolonged easing, notably the hit financial institutions are taking from negative interest rates. BOJ sets high bar on stimulus despite Kuroda’s dovish language 18k rose gold cufflinks uk online.

Japan bond yields fall deeper into negative as domestic, foreign money rushes in – 18k rose gold cufflinks uk online. Japan’s Cabinet approves record $900 bln budget, aims to soften sales tax blow –. Investors are back in love with Italy, where a budget deal with the EU has allowed 10-year bond yields to fall more than 40 bps this month – the biggest monthly move down since July 2015. Their love will be put to the test next month though, when Italy will call on fund managers to buy its new bonds – 27 billion euros’ worth..

January will be Italy’s heaviest month for bond sales in 2019. Sure, sales are typically heavy at the start of a year, but the difference this time is that the ECB will not be buying. It will reinvest the proceeds of maturing debt but has allocated a smaller share of the pie to Rome next year 18k rose gold cufflinks uk online. In total next year, Italy hopes to sell bonds worth 250-260 billion euros. So will private creditors step into the breach? There are some doubts; after all, local mom-and-pop investors gave the cold shoulder to a specially targeted retail bond last month. With the ECB backstop fading, a weak economy and still-high political risk, Italy may find it still needs to woo its investors if it is to stay afloat next year..

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“We take this issue seriously and within a couple of days we will collect samples from the market ..,” S.M. Isahaque Ali, a director at the BSTI, told Reuters. He said Bangladesh wouldn’t stop the Baby Powder from being marketed unless it discovers asbestos is present. J&J has described the Reuters article as “one-sided, false and inflammatory” swank cufflinks black and gold uk online. J&J spokespersons in India and Bangladesh could not be immediately reached for comment on the Bangladesh government move. J&J said on Thursday that its talc is routinely tested by both suppliers and independent labs to ensure that it is free of asbestos. It told Reuters in a statement: “All talc in India is sourced and exclusively sold in India and surrounding markets – including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives – and fully meets the regulatory standards of the Government of India”..

(Reuters) – The growing acceptance of man-made diamonds by millennials has spurred De Beers to reverse its policy of shunning the sector for jewelry and to launch its own laboratory-grown diamonds through its Lightbox jewelry brand. The move potentially threatens the profits of rival lab-grown gem producers but could also undermine De Beers’ natural diamond business if it broadens the appeal of stones created in a lab swank cufflinks black and gold uk online. Below are details of man-made diamonds. A team at the General Electric Research Laboratory in New York discovered the first commercially successful process for producing man-made diamonds in December, 1954, according to the book “The Diamond Makers” by Robert Hazen..

Scientists had been seeking to create a diamond since the discovery in 1797 that diamonds, the hardest natural substance on earth, were made of nearly pure carbon. There are two main methods to produce man-made diamonds. The High Pressure, High Temperature process, which was used by the General Electric scientists in the 1950s, seeks to replicate the way natural diamonds were formed about 100 miles beneath the earth millions of years ago. It uses pressure of more than 1.5 million pounds per square inch and temperatures above 2,000 degrees Celsius in a machine to transform carbon into diamonds swank cufflinks black and gold uk online.

Scientists at Element Six, part of Anglo American, (AAL.L) liken the pressure required to standing the Eiffel Tower upside down on a drinks can. By the 1990s the technique became advanced enough to create diamonds of sufficient quality and size to be commercially viable. The Chemical Vapour Deposition process, which became viable in the 1980s, does not require high pressure swank cufflinks black and gold uk online. A hydrocarbon gas mixture is ionized by microwaves or lasers in a vessel at temperatures of about 800 degrees Celsius. This breaks the molecular bonds of the gases, spurring carbon atoms to be deposited on a diamond seed, growing into a crystal, layer by layer over days and weeks..

Many of the new lab-grown diamonds companies use CVD, which gives the diamond creator greater control over the process, making it suited to production of large volumes of gem-quality diamonds rather than industrial-quality stones for purposes such as cutting machinery swank cufflinks black and gold uk online. The lab-grown diamond jewelry market was worth $1.9 billion this year and is forecast to grow 22 percent annually to $5.2 billion by 2023 and $14.9 billion by 2035, analyst Paul Zimnisky said. The man-made sector is worth about 2 percent of the total $87 billion diamond jewelry market and is due to increase its share to 5 percent by 2035, according to Zimnisky..

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-Italy needs to woo private bond buyers as ECB bows out. -Italy’s bond market cheers budget deal with EU. -Moderates emerge from populist shadows to shape Italian budget deal. chain link cufflinks uk online. As bears maul equity markets, where does one hide? The answer seemingly is: the dollar. Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s monthly investor survey shows the greenback regaining the “most crowded trade” crown, snatching it back from the FAANG/BAT tech stocks group. The dash for the dollar is unsurprising – it’s liquid, U.S. yields are high and the U.S. economy is growing faster than other developed countries..

A word of caution though. Investors following the “most crowded trade” bandwagon have fallen flat on their faces in recent years. They went into 2017 loaded up with dollars but the greenback fell relentlessly after that, ending the year with a near-10 percent loss chain link cufflinks uk online. In December 2017, the most crowded trade, according to the BAML survey, was Bitcoin – and a 70 percent rout ensued in 2018. Anything like that can be ruled out for the dollar. But it does face headwinds, not least a possible economic slowdown if not recession, the U.S. yield curve suggests. An investor exodus from U.S. stocks and bonds would not be good news..

WINNIPEG, Manitoba/VANCOUVER (Reuters) – A decade ago, Canada’s oil sector was growing so fast it was predicted to become a global energy superpower, but a series of political missteps and formidable environmental activism has created a dysfunctional system requiring OPEC-style government intervention to move its oil to market chain link cufflinks uk online. Canada produces 4.9 million barrels per day (bpd), more than any country other than the United States, Saudi Arabia and Russia, but the world’s fourth largest producer has had to nationalize a pipeline and the province of Alberta is exploring buying trains to handle a glut of oil sitting in storage..

Canada’s crisis coincides with big producers taking market share away from OPEC members, mostly clustered in the Middle East. Global oil demand is expected to surpass 100 million bpd in 2019. The United States has driven exports to record highs on growing demand from China, India and other developing countries. But Ottawa has failed under two governments to effectively counter the strategy of environmental activists to attack the oil sector’s heart by choking its arteries – pipelines. Roughly 35 million barrels, twice the normal amount, of Western Canadian crude used to produce diesel, gasoline and jet fuel is stuck in storage chain link cufflinks uk online.

The energy sector accounts for nearly 11 percent of Canada’s gross domestic product chain link cufflinks uk online. However, Canadian oil trades at a fraction of global prices, costing the economy C$80 million per day, the Alberta provincial government said. Alberta took the unusual step this month of temporarily curtailing 325,000 bpd starting in January – in the aftermath of a retreat from the oil sands by global companies including ConocoPhillips (COP.N) and Statoil ASA STL.OL. “It’s become dire now because the writing is clearly on the wall. The issue is market access,” said Jihad Traya, manager of energy advisory service HSB Solomon..

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A poll of 2,000 female millennials by Berenberg Research found that 53 percent would happily accept a lab-grown diamond engagement ring – with acceptance ranging from 62 percent in Japan to 56 percent in the United States and 40 percent in China. A 1 carat round-cut natural diamond with high gradings of clarity (VS1) and color (D) is listed for $5,970 on the Brilliant Earth here website while a lab-grown diamond with the same gradings is listed at $3,775, a discount of 37 percent. This year alone, the average discount of lab-grown diamonds to natural diamonds widened to 42 percent by mid-November from 29 percent in January, analyst Zimnisky said mens initial cufflinks uk online.

De Beers’ lab-grown jewelry company Lightbox is selling 1 carat diamonds for $800 without grading reports, a discount of 80 percent or more to natural diamonds, depending on the grading. Lightbox, however, neither sells loose diamonds nor engagement rings, only fashion jewelry such as necklaces mens initial cufflinks uk online. De Beers is owned by mining company Anglo American (AAL.L). The retail price of a gem-quality man-made diamond has nearly halved over the past two years while wholesale prices have dropped threefold, consultants Bain & Company said in a report this month..

(Reuters) – Following are five big themes likely to dominate thinking of investors and traders in the coming week and the Reuters stories related to them. Donald Trump’s U.S. presidency has lurched from crisis to crisis since he took office, but turbulence is reaching new highs just in time for Christmas. The resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis after a major reshaping of the superpower’s global military footprint has grabbed headlines, coming on the heels of other high-profile departures and as investigations into Russian ties to Trump’s inner circle comes to a head mens initial cufflinks uk online.

For markets, there is a more immediate threat. A row over funding Trump’s Mexican border wall could soon cause a partial government shutdown; a more serious closure looms in September when rainy-day money runs out. And that’s happening as Wall Street endures its worst December since 1931 and a flattening bond yield curve signals tough times for the economy. There will be plenty of events that offer a sneak preview into how 2019 will shape up. A hefty bond sale program will test investors’ appetite for U.S mens initial cufflinks uk online. debt while consumer confidence and home sales data will show whether recent yield curve moves are justified – and if they are set to go further..

– U.S. House passes funds for Trump wall; government shutdown looms mens initial cufflinks uk online. – U.S. defense chief Mattis quits after clashing with Trump on policies. – Part of the U.S. yield curve just inverted; what does that mean?. After swallowing markets from Germany to China, the bears have reached U.S. shores. The growing list of global indices that have notched up the 20 percent peak-to-trough drop denoting a bear market now includes New York. Shares that seemed invincible until mid-year have endured a dismal four months, with the S&P500 and Dow Jones benchmarks set for their worst December since the depths of the Great Depression..

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“Even though the trade tension between China and the U.S. had been defused recently, the executives from the national oil companies hesitate to procure U.S. crude unless they are told to do so.”. (GRAPHIC: U.S.-China trade gap widens to all-time high amid trade war – China stopped U.S. oil imports in October and November after the trade war intensified father of the bride cufflinks uk online. It resumed some imports in December, but purchased just 1 million barrels, a minute portion of the more than 300 million barrels of total imports, Refinitiv data showed..

(GRAPHIC: Tankers carrying U.S. crude oil to China – Chinese refineries that used to purchase U.S father of the bride cufflinks uk online. oil regularly said they had not resumed buying due to uncertainty over the outlook for trade relations between Washington and Beijing, as well as rising freight costs and poor profit-margins for refining in the region. Costs for shipping U.S. crude to Asia on a supertanker are triple those for Middle eastern oil, data on Refinitiv Eikon showed. (GRAPHIC: China’s appetite for U.S. crude muted by high freight costs, competitive Mid East supplies –

A senior official with a state oil refinery said his plant had stopped buying U.S. oil from October and had not booked any cargoes for delivery in the first quarter. “Because of the great policy uncertainty earlier on, plants have actually readjusted back to using alternatives to U.S. oil .. they just widened our supply options,” he said. He added that his plant had shifted to replacements such as North Sea Forties crude, Australian condensate and oil from Russia. “Maybe teapots will take some cargoes, but the volume will be very limited,” said a second Chinese oil executive, referring to independent refiners father of the bride cufflinks uk online. The sources declined to be named because of company policy..

A sharp souring in Asian benchmark refining margins has also curbed overall demand for crude in recent months, sources said. (GRAPHIC: Singapore refining margins slump 50 pct in 3 ths amid demand growth concerns – Despite the impasse on U.S father of the bride cufflinks uk online. crude purchases, China’s crude imports could top a record 45 million tonnes (10.6 million barrels per day) in December from all regions, said Refinitiv senior oil analyst Mark Tay. Russia is set to remain the biggest supplier at 7 million tonnes in December, with Saudi Arabia second at 5.7-6.7 million tonnes, he said..

BEIJING/CHICAGO (Reuters) – China plans to make a third round of U.S. soybean purchases within days, two sources familiar with the matter said on Thursday, after a trade war truce between Washington and Beijing this month triggered two waves of buying. China bought U.S. soybeans for the first time in six months after U.S. President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping met on Dec. 1 and set a 90-day negotiating window to resolve their trade differences. (GRAPHIC: U.S father of the bride cufflinks uk online. soybean sales to China dry up in trade war –

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The stake allows Toshiba to account for its former unit in its earnings, without having to further invest in it, CEO Nobuaki Kurumatani said in an interview. “We’re now in a position to benefit 40 percent of their profits while exempt from investment burdens,” he said. “I think we have an appropriate balance.”. Toshiba sold the business to a Bain Capital-led consortium that included South Korean rival SK Hynix (000660.KS), Apple Inc (AAPL.O), Dell Technologies DVMT.N and Seagate Technology, to plug a multi-billion-dollar hole in its balance sheet after an accounting scandal and the collapse of its U.S how to make custom cufflinks uk online. nuclear unit..

The company will reassess its plans for its stake in the chip business when Toshiba Memory’s initial public offering (IPO) comes closer, Kurumatani said how to make custom cufflinks uk online. “We still have time to examine the situation with Chinese chipmakers and market conditions,” he said. The chief of Toshiba Memory had in September reaffirmed the company’s plan to go public in two to three years, saying it had started preliminary work to prepare for an IPO, brushing aside concerns about weak fundamentals..

After a two-year boom in the market, oversupply is weighing on NAND flash chip prices amid weak consumer and business demand for phones and computers how to make custom cufflinks uk online. NAND flash memory contract prices fell about 10 percent over July-September, according to market research firm TrendForce. U.S. chipmaker Micron Technology Inc (MU.O) recently forecast quarterly sales and profit well below market estimates. Hynix too has offered a gloomy outlook. Market leader Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (005930.KS) in October slashed 2018 capex by more than a quarter and warned of lower profit until early next year..

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – China, the world’s top oil importer, is set to start 2019 buying little or no crude from the United States despite a three-month truce in a trade scrap between the two nations, with relatively high freight costs and political uncertainty choking demand. That muted appetite means the United States, which became the world’s top oil producer this year as its shale output hit record levels, will continue to hold only a sliver of China’s market even as a wave of new refining capacity starts up there how to make custom cufflinks uk online.

It also suggests that China is unlikely to use crude purchases to help plug a widening trade gap with the United States, which remains a core source of tensions between the world’s top two economies. The U.S. trade deficit with Beijing hit a record $43 billion in October as its firms stockpiled inventory from China to avoid higher tariffs that may kick in next year. (GRAPHIC: U.S how to make custom cufflinks uk online. finishes 2018 as world’s top crude oil producer as shale output scales new highs – “Chinese companies have little incentive to buy U.S. crude due to the wide availability of crude supplies today from Iran and Russia,” said Seng Yick Tee, an analyst at Beijing-based consultancy SIA Energy..