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“European markets are quite vulnerable to a slowdown in emerging markets, not less given the domestic dynamic which is polluted by the political problems in Italy or Brexit,” he added referring to Britain leaving the European Union and the Italian government’s tug-of-war with Brussels over its budget. An escalation in the Sino-U.S. trade war would force Dutch asset manager NN Investments to reassess its view that European stocks are due for a comeback in 2019. “It’s the biggest threat,” said Valentijn van Niewenhuisen, head of multi-asset at the firm diamond cufflinks tiffany uk online.

Acknowledging slowing growth, the International Monetary Fund has lowered its growth forecast for China and since then indicators from automobile sales to e-commerce trends and production data are suggesting the world’s second biggest economy is cooling somewhat. With creeping corporate and household debts, China is believed to have little room for maneuver for fiscal stimulus if it doesn’t want to weaken its currency, which the Trump administration believes gives it an unfair trading advantage diamond cufflinks tiffany uk online.

Data compiled by Morgan Stanley shows how European miners are not the only ones dependent on the appetite of material hungry China. For an interactive version of the below graphic, click here tmsnrt.rs/2QOVDqM. Aside from basic material providers, firms such as France’s fashion giant Kering (PRTP.PA), the owner of Gucci, and Switzerland’s jeweler Richemont (CFR.S) have a sales exposure of 24 percent. Analysts at Jefferies have nicknamed the contamination of luxury stocks a reverse “China Syndrome”, in reference to a 1979 movie in which a nuclear meltdown in the United States could make its way through the Earth to China diamond cufflinks tiffany uk online.

“It would appear that the reverse threat is now in place in the Personal Luxury Goods sector with fears of a sharp slowdown in China threatening to contaminate the entire sector starting in 2019.” diamond cufflinks tiffany uk online. Other companies under threat are the big German industrial powerhouses such as Siemens (SIEGn.DE) or BASF (BASFn.DE). “We’re concerned about what’s embedded in German industrials’ share prices. They embed continued profitability in China that’s very strong and continued growth and we’re skeptical that’s sustainable,” said Luiz Sauerbronn, director at U.S.-based Brandes Investment Partners, where he helps manage $30 billion..

But the reliance on the Chinese market isn’t only worrying investors. A new strategy paper from Germany’s influential BDI industry federation calls on firms to reduce their dependence on the Chinese market. While their presence there was once seen as a strength, it is now unsettling German politicians and industry as Beijing asserts control over the economy under President Xi Jinping. This weekend’s G20 meeting between the leaders of the world’s top two economies will be key for market sentiment, which has been battered by the months-long trade spat diamond cufflinks tiffany uk online.

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BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday it hoped the United States could show sincerity and meet it halfway on trade, ahead of a meeting this weekend between the two countries’ leaders that could be key to resolving their trade war creative cufflinks uk online. Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang made the comment at a daily news briefing. U.S. President Donald Trump sent mixed signals on Thursday about the prospects for a trade deal with China, saying an agreement was close but he was not sure he wanted one, just as he left for Argentina for a meeting with President Xi Jinping..

LONDON/MILAN (Reuters) – With sluggish growth translating into the most disappointing earnings in years, European stocks are set for a tough ride if a full blown Sino-U.S. trade war erupts following Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping’s G20 dinner on Saturday. The ongoing tariff dispute has already made the Chinese economy sneeze and given a cold to some of Europe Inc’s most iconic powerhouses due to their heavy exposure to the world’s second biggest economy. This drag is set to continue even if Trump and Xi’s meeting ends cordially creative cufflinks uk online. If relations between the economic superpowers deteriorate further, the impact on many of Europe’s top firms could be profound..

Upmarket German car makers like BMW (BMWG.DE) or French luxury houses such as Hermes (HRMS.PA) have already been tagged as collateral victims of the Trump administration’s trade policy after sharp falls in their share prices this year creative cufflinks uk online. With about six percent or roughly 80 billion euros of its constituents’ revenues originating from China, Germany’s DAX .GDAXi is typically used as a proxy to bet on a trade war and is lagging, with a 12.5 percent fall year-to-date, the less exposed pan-European STOXX 600 benchmark..

BMW will make 18 percent of its revenue in 2018 from the world’s second-largest economy, while Volkswagen’s share stands at 14 percent, according to Morgan Stanley creative cufflinks uk online. Even if Germany, whose bilateral trade with China hit a record 188 billion euros last year, is a key concern, worries among investors are widespread. A study conducted for Reuters by business insights platform AlphaSense shows a threefold increase in the number of times a China slowdown was mentioned during European earnings conference calls between July and September this year..

While just 16 companies in the MSCI Europe index mentioned China in the context of a slowdown between April and June, that number climbed to 49 companies, in earnings calls during the following quarter creative cufflinks uk online. The mention of China, in any form or way, jumped from 361 to 540 during the same period. If some of the underperformance of European bourses in comparison to Wall Street can be partially explained by the Trump’s administration tax cuts, many analysts believe the key lies elsewhere. “Europe is very much exposed, being very cyclical, it’s an open economy and its stock markets already reflect that”, explained Emmanuel Cau, European equity strategist at Barclays..

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Several carriers, including American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Canada’s WestJet, Singapore Airlines offshoot SilkAir and Dubai’s flydubai, said the AOA DISAGREE alert was installed on their 737 MAX jets before the Lion Air crash. Some airlines have also installed a separate optional gauge that gives pilots a direct AOA reading in the cockpit. American Airlines and SilkAir already have the gauge, while Southwest said it decided after the Lion Air crash to install the gauge on future 737 MAX deliveries to provide “supplemental visual feedback for identifying erroneous AOA data” buy gold cufflinks uk online.

Air Canada said it would install the gauge “soon” but did not clarify whether it had made the decision before or after the Lion Air crash buy gold cufflinks uk online. Boeing declined to comment on customer selections. (GRAPHIC: Lion Air crash report – tmsnrt.rs/2PZxjWN). The planemaker has come under fire in the wake of the Lion Air crash for not outlining the automated system, MCAS, in the flight manual for the 737 MAX. The new anti-stall system had also automatically pushed down the nose of the doomed Lion Air 737 MAX jet on its penultimate flight from Denpasar to Jakarta on the evening before the crash..

The pilots had told engineers there had been a disagreement of altitude and airspeed readings based on cockpit alerts, a preliminary report released by Indonesian investigators shows. There was, however, no mention of an AOA disagreement in their write-up, according to the report, and the plane was dispatched on its final flight the next morning from Jakarta. It crashed into the Java Sea and investigators have yet to determine the cause buy gold cufflinks uk online. Having the AOA DISAGREE alert installed would “definitely” have helped, “not in the least for discussion with the mechanic and entry in the flight log as information for the mechanics”, Leeham Co analyst Bjorn Fehrm said..

“I think given the introduction of MCAS, Boeing should make AOA DISAGREE a free and mandatory update,” Fehrm added. The alert was offered as an option on the 737 MAX’s predecessor, the 737NG, and several carriers contacted by Reuters said they had installed it on the older model too buy gold cufflinks uk online. The alert light turns on when the AOA indications disagree by more than 10 degrees for 10 continuous seconds, according to an American Airlines 737 MAX flight manual obtained by Reuters. The doomed Lion Air jet had a 20 degree disparity throughout its last two flights, the Indonesian report shows..

The AOA DISAGREE alert could have aided if it was reported after the penultimate flight, professor Balog from Embry-Riddle said. “Maintenance, if they knew about MCAS, would have known the potential for trouble that warning light would indicate.” buy gold cufflinks uk online. “The bigger question here is did Boeing realize the potential for this scenario if MCAS received bad AOA data?”. Boeing is weighing whether to launch a software upgrade to MCAS in six to eight weeks to help address the scenario faced by the Lion Air crew, Reuters reported, citing two people briefed on the matter..

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The options for solving the Sino-U.S emergency cufflinks uk online. problems are all on the table, a Chinese diplomat said in Washington on Wednesday, adding both sides have stepped up communication and he was optimistic about the Xi-Trump talks. China’s commerce ministry said on Thursday it was also hoping for “positive results”. Peter Navarro, a trade adviser to Trump who advocates a tough stance, will attend the meeting with Xi, a U.S. official told Reuters. Another official said Navarro’s addition was meant to send a message to China about the administration’s resolve..

SINGAPORE/SEATTLE (Reuters) – An optional warning light could have alerted engineers about mechanical faults on Lion Air’s Boeing 737 MAX jet that crashed last month, experts said, sparking an industry debate over whether installing the system should become mandatory. Lion Air did not install the AOA DISAGREE alert, which warns pilots when the “angle of attack” (AOA) readings do not match, because it is optional and not required by regulators, Managing Director Daniel Putut told Reuters emergency cufflinks uk online.

The angle is a key flight parameter that must remain narrow enough to preserve lift and avoid an aerodynamic stall. A faulty AOA reading led the doomed Lion Air jet’s computer to believe it was stalled, prompting the plane’s new anti-stall system, called the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), to repeatedly push down the nose. That made it harder for pilots to control the Boeing jet which crashed on Oct. 29, killing all 189 people on board, Indonesian investigators told parliament last week emergency cufflinks uk online.

“In retrospect, clearly it would have been wise to include the warning as standard equipment and fully inform and train operators on MCAS,” said Clint Balog, a professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. “I expect you will see this warning included in future MAX production and retrofitted into already delivered MAX aircraft.”. Boeing and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) made the AOA alert an optional feature for the 737 MAX, meaning it was not deemed critical for safe operation emergency cufflinks uk online.

The FAA has said it will continue to participate in Indonesia’s investigation into the Lion Air crash and take further action if needed based on findings from the probe. Indonesia’s civil aviation regulator said it would follow the FAA’s lead as to whether the AOA DISAGREE alert should be made mandatory for local airlines. (GRAPHIC: Lion Air crash investigation – tmsnrt.rs/2RiugFP) emergency cufflinks uk online. There has been a long-running industry debate about how much information should be displayed in the cockpit, notably about the angle at which the wing is slicing through the air..

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BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China hopes the United States can show sincerity and promote proposals both countries can accept when their two leaders meet at this week’s G20 summit, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Friday ahead of the key trade talks real pearl cufflinks uk online. World leaders started arriving in Buenos Aires on Thursday ahead of the gathering of the Group of 20, where global trade tensions, fueled by U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade war with China, are expected to dominate the agenda. Financial and commodities markets are closely watching the outcome of the summit, especially a planned meeting between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday, though the outcome is far from certain..

Just as he left for Argentina on Thursday, Trump sent mixed signals about the chances of a trade deal with China, saying an agreement was close but he was not sure he wanted one. Asked how China viewed the prospects, Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said China has consistently stressed that the essence of China-US trade is mutual benefit and win-win. “At present both countries economic teams are maintaining close contact to put into effect the spirit of the consensus reached by the two leaders in their telephone call on Nov real pearl cufflinks uk online. 1,” Geng told a daily news briefing..

“We hope the U.S. can show sincerity and meet China half way, to promote a proposal that both countries can accept,” he added. “At the same time we also hope that with the hard work of both sides, the Argentina meeting that will shortly take place between the leaders of China and the United States can achieve positive results, to set the direction for the next stage in the development of China-US ties.”. The rising tensions have seen the two countries hit each other with tit-for-tariffs on goods worth hundreds of billions of dollars in sectors from automobiles to agriculture and energy, stymieing trade and redrawing global supply chains real pearl cufflinks uk online.

The United States has levied additional duties of between 10 percent and 25 percent on $250 billion of Chinese goods this year as punishment for what it calls China’s unfair trade practices, with the 10 percent tariffs set to climb to 25 percent next year. China has responded with its own tariffs real pearl cufflinks uk online. The state-run China Daily newspaper said in an editorial on Friday that an agreement can be reached in Argentina as both sides want a deal, but Washington must be “fair minded” if it wants to defuse spiraling tensions..

However, it said any deal at this stage was unlikely to be a comprehensive solution to the trade impasse due to “diverging demands and agendas”. It cited tensions over Chinese technological development, a focus of U.S. concern real pearl cufflinks uk online. “However, it should be feasible for some kind of agreement to be reached to prevent the dispute worsening if both sides are reasonable,” it said. A deal involving a total scrapping of all tariffs is not expected, although many observers have not ruled out a “pause” in the trade war where any planned tariff increases are put on hold while talks between the two sides continue..

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The new CEO “has made clear he doesn’t understand the positioning or identity of Joon,” one Air France source said. “It’s a question he’s raised internally, several times.”. An Air France-KLM spokeswoman said “no decision has been made” on the future of Joon, when contacted by Reuters personalised cufflinks bangalore uk online. She declined further comment. Smith, hired in August to restore peace and prosperity to the Franco-Dutch group after devastating strikes that led to his predecessor’s resignation, has said Air France must narrow the profitability gap with its more efficient KLM stablemate. The Dutch carrier recorded an 8.8 percent profit margin last year, more than double Air France’s 3.7 percent margin..

The former Air Canada second-in-command is now urging Air France pilots to relinquish some perks if they want more pay rises, two people familiar with the matter said. That may include giving up downtown hotels and sleeping at the airport on long-haul layovers, as their KLM colleagues already do personalised cufflinks bangalore uk online. Layover accommodation is just one aspect of the complex accords now up for renegotiation with pilots’ unions – who are pressing for a 4.7 percent pay increase in addition to the 4 percent company-wide raise negotiated last month to offset real-income erosion during earlier pay freezes..

“We’ve always had downtown hotels as part of our package,” one pilot union official said. “It’s not really our job to hang around at airports for two days, as nice as they are.” personalised cufflinks bangalore uk online. By winding down Joon, created a year ago, Smith could actually foster staff goodwill and help reach cost-saving agreements for Air France and its other two brands – low-cost operator Transavia and domestic short-haul Hop. Strikes earlier this year wiped 335 million euros ($381 million) off earnings..

Created by his predecessor Jean-Marc Janaillac to replace Air France on the least profitable routes, Joon combines standard company pilot contracts with 540 cabin staff on lower-cost terms. But it has proven unpopular with clients, employees and investors alike personalised cufflinks bangalore uk online. “The intention to get rid of Joon would be understandable,” said HSBC analyst Andrew Lobbenberg. “You’ve got a whole new business created with all the complexity and cost, just to get a handful of cheap cabin crew – that’s not rational.”..

Smith “should be negotiating what he can get in terms of productivity and efficiency across the whole Air France group, against which he trades the closure of Joon,” Lobbenberg added. The decision may be swayed by growing discontent among Joon cabin crew, who recently threatened fresh strike action unless pay and conditions are improved. “When Ben Smith got here, he said to us, ‘What is this Joon thing?’,” another Air France union official said personalised cufflinks bangalore uk online. “That’s more or less what we’ve been saying all along.”..

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Efficiency across production and shifts to renewable energy, such as biomass-based for the energy-intensive particle-board production, will help reach the new target, CEO Loof and sustainability chief Lena Pripp-Kovac said in an interview. Other key elements are a shift towards more lightweight materials, and tests of a new glue, a switch to which could cut as much as 6 percent off its emissions level letter f cufflinks uk online. More than 400 firms including H&M, Coca-Cola and Sony have committed to a U.N.-backed initiative to help limit global warming to below 2C..

LONDON (Reuters) – Bitcoin fell as much as 7 percent on Friday BTC=BTSP, heading towards a recent one-year low in a broad-based selloff in cryptocurrencies. The world’s biggest and best-known cryptocurrency fell to $3,920.35 in late morning trade, heading towards a September 2017 low of $3,474.73 hit on Sunday. Other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum’s ether and Ripple’s XRP also weakened. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been mauled in recent weeks, with analysts citing increased U.S letter f cufflinks uk online. regulatory scrutiny and a delay to January 2019 of the widely-anticipated launch of bitcoin futures by Bakkt, Intercontinental Exchange’s crypto platform have fueled the downturn..

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia believes U.S. President Donald Trump canceled his meeting with Vladimir Putin due to domestic issues rather than the Ukraine situation, its foreign ministry said on Friday. “Is the provocation started by Kiev in this area (Azov Sea) a real reason for the cancellation? We heard that as an official version and we accepted that letter f cufflinks uk online. Is it a real one? I believe we should look for answers in the U.S. domestic political situation,” spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies..

PARIS (Reuters) – Toyota (7203.T) has agreed to buy out PSA Group’s (PEUP.PA) stake in a jointly-managed Czech Republic factory specializing in the production of small cars, the companies said on Friday. The French firm will also supply another model of compact van for its Japanese partner from its Vigo plant in Spain as of 2019, they added in a statement letter f cufflinks uk online. Toyota will take full ownership of the Czech plant of Kolin from January 2021, and the factory will continue to produce “the current generation” of compact cars for the two companies..

PARIS (Reuters) – Air France-KLM (AIRF.PA) is mulling the closure of Joon, its newest airline brand, company sources told Reuters, in an about-face that could help new boss Ben Smith address the chronic underperformance of the main Air France business. The discussion about scrapping Joon, which has not been decided, may be a sign of the Canadian chief executive’s determination to tackle weak Air France profitability head-on rather than mitigate it with lower-cost secondary offerings, as many of his predecessors have tried and failed to do letter f cufflinks uk online.

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Fully aware of the mature image of Japan’s domestic telecoms business, SoftBank has been pitching itself as a tech-driven growth company, saying it will launch new businesses by teaming up with startups backed by its parent’s Vision Fund average cufflink size uk online. But many retail investors are likely to see SoftBank rather as a stable investment with the added appeal of a high dividend payout. Its 85 percent payout promise is much higher than those of rivals NTT DoCoMo and KDDI Corp. Nomura, Mizuho, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and SMBC Nikko are joint global coordinators for the IPO..

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s En+ Group (ENPLq.L), hit by U.S. sanctions in April, has proposed to shareholders that it move its registered office to Russia’s Kaliningrad region from Britain’s Jersey. London-listed EN+, which is in talks with the United States to have sanctions against it eased, put forward the plan in a document prepared for a shareholder meeting on Dec. 20 average cufflink size uk online. The firm controlled by sanctioned billionaire Oleg Deripaska said the move could lead to a suspension or cancellation of the listing and trading of the company’s global depository receipts (GDRs)..

“While the GDRs are currently traded on the LSE and are expected to remain traded on the LSE following the migration, there is no guarantee that the migration will not have an adverse impact on the trading market for the GDRs,” En+ said. EN+ proposes moving to Oktyabrsky Island in Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave bordering Poland and Lithuania. Oktyabrsky Island is one of two new regions set up this year by the Russian government that offer tax breaks. The United States imposed sanctions on EN+ and Deripaska in April, as well as several other companies he controls, citing what it described as Russia’s malign activities average cufflink size uk online.

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – IKEA, the world’s biggest furniture group, pledged on Friday to cut greenhouse gas emissions from its production by 80 percent in absolute terms by 2030 from their levels two years ago. The commitment applies to IKEA’s own factories and most of its direct suppliers, brand owner Inter IKEA said in a statement. It comes days before world leaders gather in Katowice, Poland for the most important U.N. climate meeting since the 2015 Paris summit, where 195 countries pledged to work to limit a rise in global temperatures to 2 degrees Celsius average cufflink size uk online.

“I hope for a leadership that steps up, sets clear targets and dares to nail a number of commitments without us having all the solutions,” Inter IKEA CEO Torbjorn Loof told Reuters. “That goes for governments, businesses and other players,” he said, adding it was vital that emission targets are set in absolute terms. The U.N. on Thursday warned global temperatures are on course for a 3-5C rise this century. In 2016, IKEA’s direct suppliers and own factories emitted 3.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents. IKEA produces around 10 percent of its range itself and sources the rest from suppliers average cufflink size uk online.

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TOKYO (Reuters) – SoftBank chalked up another first in Japan on Friday, setting a single indicative price of 1,500 yen for its telco IPO rather than a price range as usual, pegging the deal at 2.4 trillion yen ($21.16 billion) in the country’s biggest-ever listing. The price was unchanged from the estimate that SoftBank Corp [9434.T], the domestic telecommunications subsidiary of Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp, announced when it launched the initial public offering (IPO) earlier this month tiffany knot cufflinks uk online.

The price “seems consistent with what we’re hearing about relatively strong retail demand,” said analyst Chris Lane at Sanford C. Bernstein. “We’re not surprised about that demand as the retail investor is really looking at the yield.”. SoftBank is set to have an annual dividend yield – or dividend as a percentage of share price – of 5 percent, Reuters calculations showed. That compared with 4.18 percent of mobile market leader NTT DoCoMo Inc. “If effectively you’re confident that the IPO will be oversubscribed at that price, then there’s no need to set a price range,” Lane said tiffany knot cufflinks uk online.

The IPO is aimed at providing the group with funds to pay down debt and place big bets on innovations that Chief Executive Masayoshi Son predicts will drive future tech trends. Brokerages initially expressed concern over whether there would be sufficient demand for the IPO given the size of the sale but have since reported strong interest tiffany knot cufflinks uk online. To help generate that interest, brokerages have been engaged in an unprecedented marketing campaign, including what are believed to be Japan’s first TV ads for a private firm’s IPO..

“From what we are getting from our customers, we have demand greater than the number of shares we are allocated to sell,” said a senior official at one of major brokerage tiffany knot cufflinks uk online. Others have said the initial estimate was already high considering the telco’s finances compared with its peers. The IPO’s underwriters declined to comment. Bankers, who said it was the first time a firm had foregone a price range in a Japanese IPO, spoke on condition of anonymity. In IPOs, companies usually set an indicative price range after receiving feedback from institutional investors on initial price estimates. Brokerages then open their order books for a set period, at the end of which a sale price is determined..

For instance, for the June IPO of Mercari Inc, the flea market app operator initially estimated a share price of 2,200-2,700 yen before formally announcing an indicative range of 2,700-3,000 yen. It set its final IPO price at 3,000 yen tiffany knot cufflinks uk online. Bookbuilding for SoftBank Corp starts on Monday with a final price set on Dec. 10. The shares begin trading on Dec. 19. At 1,500 yen per share, the telco’s market value will be about 7.2 trillion yen, making it Japan’s eighth-largest listed firm, immediately above Uniqlo clothing chain operator Fast Retailing Co Ltd..

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Boeing has said cockpit procedures that were applied on the previous flight are already in place to tackle such a problem, and that its 737 series remains safe to fly. But U.S. regulators have said Boeing is also examining a possible software fix, after coming under fire for not outlining recent changes to the automated system in the manual for the 737 MAX, the latest version of its best-selling passenger jet. While plans for the possible fix are not final, Boeing’s software upgrade could block the recently modified anti-stall system, known as MCAS, from continuously running until the plane hits its nose-down limit, the sources said are cufflinks in style 2019 uk online.

The MCAS function would be disabled if the crew counteracted it by trimming or adjusting settings in the opposite direction, according to two people briefed on Boeing’s proposals. “When the crew makes the adjustment, that would essentially disengage MCAS unless it got new data,” one of the people said. Data from the Lion Air flight recorder suggests the pilots sought to correct the system more than two dozen times before the jetliner plunged into the Java Sea on Oct are cufflinks in style 2019 uk online. 29, killing all 189 people onboard..

Attention has focused on the role of a suspect “angle of attack” sensor used to drive alerts on stall or loss of lift. While each 737 has two of these blade-shaped vanes, the plane’s anti-stall system relies on data pulled from just a single vane during each flight, compared with a three-sensor “voting” system on rival Airbus (AIR.PA) jetliners. Boeing’s software update would come as an emergency measure from Boeing and Federal Aviation Administration, the sources said are cufflinks in style 2019 uk online.

The specific system for preventing stalls was not originally designed to monitor both probes because regulators assumed risks of a mishap were small and would be further reduced by the presence of a trained crew and power switches on errant systems. Now, however, Boeing is examining whether the anti-stall system should also check data from the second probe before engaging, according to a person briefed on the matter. Boeing declined comment on the proposed changes are cufflinks in style 2019 uk online. “As part of our standard practice following any accident or incident, we examine our aircraft design and operation, and when appropriate, issue bulletins and make recommendations to operators to further enhance safety,” a Boeing spokeswoman said..

“Boeing continues to evaluate the need for software or other changes as we learn more from the ongoing investigation.” are cufflinks in style 2019 uk online. The FAA has repeatedly said it will “take further action if findings from the accident investigation warrant.”. A decision to update the software has not been finalised and Boeing could choose a different strategy, the people said. The world’s largest planemaker has 4,542 of the upgraded 737 MAX on order from airlines, worth over half a trillion dollars at list prices, or about half that after typical discounts..