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Liu said in a social media post he felt “utter self-admonishment and regret” for the “enormous pain” his “actions on that day” caused his family, especially his wife, internet celebrity Zhang Zetian. “I immediately confessed to her the truth, and hope she can accept my most sincere apologies,” he said in a statement on the Weibo platform. Liu said the decision by prosecutors not to press charges proved that he had not violated any laws “from to start to finish” modern cufflinks uk online.

He said he had been unable to defend himself earlier despite “misleading information” and could not respond to comments in social media and news reports because he did not want to obstruct the investigation and judicial process. shares extended gains on Friday after news spread of the decision not to prosecute, and closed up 5.9 percent. The case has attracted extreme interest in China. Liu could have faced up to 30 years in prison under Minnesota law if convicted of first-degree criminal sexual misconduct modern cufflinks uk online.

On Friday, Freeman said the three months it took his office to review Liu’s case was not unusual for a sexual assault investigation, especially one in which no one was in custody. “It had nothing to do with Liu’s status as a wealthy, foreign businessman,” Freeman said in his statement modern cufflinks uk online. A lawyer for the student who accused Liu criticized the decision, saying it showed why victims of sexual assault feared coming forward, and questioned why prosecutors waited to issue a release until late on the Friday before Christmas..

Investigators “never met this victim; they never spoke to this victim; they never sought to meet with her lawyers,” the attorney, Wil Florin, said in a statement. “Her story will be told. On her behalf we will not permit her dignity to be simply swept under the rug.”. The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Florin’s statement modern cufflinks uk online. An attorney for Liu said they welcomed the decision, and hoped that it would dispel “misinformation and speculation”..

“Mr Liu was arrested based on a false claim, and after a thorough investigation, with which he fully cooperated, the declination of charges vindicates him,” Liu’s attorney, Jill Brisbois, said in a statement. Florin said his client will file a civil lawsuit, saying they looked forward to a civil jury hearing the “full and complete story” and determining whether Liu, and their representatives should be held accountable modern cufflinks uk online. Reuters previously reported details of what happened while Liu was in Minneapolis, including a description of the alleged attack and the events around it given by the now-22-year-old student..