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A poll of 2,000 female millennials by Berenberg Research found that 53 percent would happily accept a lab-grown diamond engagement ring – with acceptance ranging from 62 percent in Japan to 56 percent in the United States and 40 percent in China. A 1 carat round-cut natural diamond with high gradings of clarity (VS1) and color (D) is listed for $5,970 on the Brilliant Earth here website while a lab-grown diamond with the same gradings is listed at $3,775, a discount of 37 percent. This year alone, the average discount of lab-grown diamonds to natural diamonds widened to 42 percent by mid-November from 29 percent in January, analyst Zimnisky said mens initial cufflinks uk online.

De Beers’ lab-grown jewelry company Lightbox is selling 1 carat diamonds for $800 without grading reports, a discount of 80 percent or more to natural diamonds, depending on the grading. Lightbox, however, neither sells loose diamonds nor engagement rings, only fashion jewelry such as necklaces mens initial cufflinks uk online. De Beers is owned by mining company Anglo American (AAL.L). The retail price of a gem-quality man-made diamond has nearly halved over the past two years while wholesale prices have dropped threefold, consultants Bain & Company said in a report this month..

(Reuters) – Following are five big themes likely to dominate thinking of investors and traders in the coming week and the Reuters stories related to them. Donald Trump’s U.S. presidency has lurched from crisis to crisis since he took office, but turbulence is reaching new highs just in time for Christmas. The resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis after a major reshaping of the superpower’s global military footprint has grabbed headlines, coming on the heels of other high-profile departures and as investigations into Russian ties to Trump’s inner circle comes to a head mens initial cufflinks uk online.

For markets, there is a more immediate threat. A row over funding Trump’s Mexican border wall could soon cause a partial government shutdown; a more serious closure looms in September when rainy-day money runs out. And that’s happening as Wall Street endures its worst December since 1931 and a flattening bond yield curve signals tough times for the economy. There will be plenty of events that offer a sneak preview into how 2019 will shape up. A hefty bond sale program will test investors’ appetite for U.S mens initial cufflinks uk online. debt while consumer confidence and home sales data will show whether recent yield curve moves are justified – and if they are set to go further..

– U.S. House passes funds for Trump wall; government shutdown looms mens initial cufflinks uk online. – U.S. defense chief Mattis quits after clashing with Trump on policies. – Part of the U.S. yield curve just inverted; what does that mean?. After swallowing markets from Germany to China, the bears have reached U.S. shores. The growing list of global indices that have notched up the 20 percent peak-to-trough drop denoting a bear market now includes New York. Shares that seemed invincible until mid-year have endured a dismal four months, with the S&P500 and Dow Jones benchmarks set for their worst December since the depths of the Great Depression..