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Vintage University of Nebraska Cornhuskers Cufflinks uk online

JOSEPH LAVORGNA, CHIEF ECONOMIST, AMERICAS, NATIXIS, NEW YORK. “Growth may be slowing. That’s been a shop-worn theme the last six to eight weeks with data out of Europe and Japan that’s been weaker. The second thing is the Fed possibly going above and beyond what many, including myself, believe to be prudent on interest rates. Comments today from (New York Fed President John) Williams, which I am hearing second hand, would be like a reset on Powell’s testimony (last week) letter n cufflinks uk online. Maybe we’re not going to get as dovish a Fed as some think, at least not among some key policy-makers such as Williams..

“The combination of a Fed that maybe hasn’t fully repented combined with the ongoing concern that the economy is going to look weaker in 2019, seems to have crystallized into a bad day for markets. With people off tomorrow, if you’re going to sell they don’t want to wait another day. “My bigger-term thought is the curve has to invert, and it’s going to happen sooner than people think. If twos and tens invert between now and Dec letter n cufflinks uk online. 18, the Fed is going to have to take out some of the hikes next year, or they should do it. I’m worried that they won’t.”..

CHAD MORGANLANDER, SENIOR PORTFOLIO MANAGER, WASHINGTON CROSSING ADVISORS, FLORHAM PARK, NEW JERSEY. “It’s a convergence of several factors.”. “Trade issues are unresolved. There’s the additional factor of the yield curve starting to invert a modest amount at a certain point of the curve. That’s added to uncertainty about the future of the U.S. economy. “With that said, the U.S letter n cufflinks uk online. economy is continuing to grow, albeit at a modest decelerating pace than earlier this year. The Federal Reserve is reacting with a dovish signal. This is today’s trade in a nutshell.”..

“The yield curve has sent a chill down investors’ spines in regard to the future outlook of the U.S. economy. It’s the what-if scenario letter n cufflinks uk online. At the same time, the Federal Reserve is signaling that they will decelerate the pace of rate hikes, which has also shown us that the economy may not be as resilient as once thought. “The trade issue is a substantial overhang for uncertainty. The popular phrase is ‘we’re kicking the can down the road’.. I doubt we’ll get much clarity 90 days from now on a trade deal.”..

ROBERT PAVLIK, CHIEF INVESTMENT STRATEGIST, SENIOR PORTFOLIO MANAGER, SLATESTONE WEALTH LLC, NEW YORK. “It started a little bit before noon, that’s when the market started to expand to the downside. The market was concerned at the open on the mixed signals from the Buenos Aires G20 meeting. Mixed signals coming from the White House, Larry Kudlow, the president, Xi and China.”. “Then a couple minutes before noon, Treasury yields spiked lower and that’s when the selling in the stock market seemed to move to the downside. That’s indicating that the spread between the 2- and the 10-year (Treasury) started to narrow even more than it had been, ¬†giving people concern that maybe the bond market is signaling a potential recession in the future letter n cufflinks uk online. That’s why you started to see some of the major selling pressure around noon to where we are right now..