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They built wider coalitions, tapping into anger of Nebraska ranchers and drawing the attention of Hollywood celebrities such as director James Cameron. Opponents of TransCanada’s Keystone XL began protests at the White House in 2011, seeking arrest and attention letter l cufflinks uk online. Then-U.S. President Barack Obama finally rejected the project in 2015. “Full credit to climate-change advocates, they kicked the snot out of Corporate Canada,” said Tim Powers, a Conservative political strategist. He said Canadian resource companies have been too focused on the regulatory process, while climate-change advocates “laid out a better, more compelling narrative” to win public opinion..

U.S. President Donald Trump resurrected Keystone XL in 2017. But both KXL and Trans Mountain remain in regulatory limbo after courts ruled in recent months that the U.S. and Canadian governments failed to properly do their jobs. The cases that overturned approvals for Northern Gateway and Trans Mountain led companies to question investment in Canada letter l cufflinks uk online. The end result is a Canadian oil patch in retreat. “My main fear is that other nations will continue to produce at market price and Canada will be left behind,” said Duncan Au, chief executive of CWC Energy Services Corp. The well drilling company has cut about 70 employees, or nearly 10 percent, since the beginning of 2018..

LAGOS (Reuters) – Plans to build another privately-financed power station in Nigeria to help end decades of chronic blackouts have been delayed because of concerns about persistent shortfalls in payments for electricity across the sector. The $1.1 billion Qua Iboe Power Plant being developed by energy infrastructure company Black Rhino and the state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation won’t get a green light by the end of 2018 as planned and it was unclear when the deal might close, NNPC told Reuters letter l cufflinks uk online.

The delay is a setback for Africa’s biggest oil producer where 80 million people don’t have access to grid power supplies and it exposes the difficulties in attracting private investment to a sector that successive governments have tried to reform. The uncertainty surrounding the 540-megawatt Qua Iboe plant stems from the difficulties Nigeria’s first privately-financed independent power project – the 460-megawatt Azura-Edo plant – has encountered since it came online this year letter l cufflinks uk online.

Azura was meant to be a model for a string of independent power plants financed by international investors. To give them confidence to invest in the first major plant since the power sector was privatized in 2013, the World Bank provided a safeguard known as a partial risk guarantee – meaning the lender would step in if Nigeria defaulted on payments. Under the current system, the government-owned Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading company (NBET) buys power from generators and passes it on to distributors who then collect money from customers and reimburse NBET letter l cufflinks uk online.