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“The FAANG trade is done. It’s over. That is no longer a thing. ‘FAANG trade 2009-2018’ – put the gravestone out,” said Michael Antonelli, managing director of institutional sales trading at Robert W. Baird in Milwaukee. “These growth rates and these skyrocketing valuations just eventually stop,” he added letter cufflinks uk online. More than $80.7 billion poured out of U.S.-based stock funds during the 14 days through Wednesday, according to Lipper. The FAANG components – Facebook (FB.O), Amazon (AMZN.O), Apple (AAPL.O), Netflix (NFLX.O) and Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL.O) – have dropped between 19 and nearly 30 percent since the Nasdaq peaked in late August. The tech-laden index ended on Thursday down 19.5 percent from that Aug. 29 record closing high, just short of confirming a bear market, as it posted its lowest close since October 2017..

Although some Nasdaq components have posted bigger percentage declines, the FAANG members have an outsized influence on indexes because of their large market capitalizations along with their wide ownership. (GRAPHIC: FAANGs take a bite out of Nasdaq – tmsnrt.rs/2GzGetX). The forward price-to-earnings ratios of the FAANG stocks, except for Apple, are still comfortably above the 15.3 ratio of the S&P 500, but the ratios have been shrinking as their stock prices tumble. Amazon and Netflix have seen the biggest declines in their P/E ratios letter cufflinks uk online.

(GRAPHIC: Amazon and Netflix Forward PE – tmsnrt.rs/2GyTC1n). “The valuations of these stocks are very hard to pinpoint letter cufflinks uk online. For many of them, it’s about the future,” said Rick Meckler, partner at Cherry Lane Investments, a family investment office in New Vernon, New Jersey. “Sometimes investors are willing to pay up for what they think will be the future and sometimes not. Seems like right now they’re not.”. As the tide turns on Wall Street, growth stocks have been ditched in favor of value names. The NYSE FANG+TM index .NYFANG, which is equal-weighted and includes the five core FAANG stocks along with other high-growth names, has been fading while the Russell 1000 growth-to-value ratio has climbed since mid-November..

(GRAPHIC: Russell 100 growth to value ration vs FAANG – tmsnrt.rs/2GvMPoU). Still, not all investors are willing to walk away from the allure of some technology stocks, which could still do well in what many see as a decelerating economy. “What we started to see with the FAANGs is greater differentiation and discernment on the part of investors, and I think that will continue,” said Kristina Hooper, chief global market strategist at Invesco in New York letter cufflinks uk online. “This will arguably represent a buying opportunity for some of the FAANGs but not for all of them.”..

(Reuters) – Apple Inc (AAPL.O) on Thursday changed how it reports on U.S. national security requests for user data, bringing its procedures more in line with those of technology rivals such as Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) and Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) Google letter cufflinks uk online. In its first-half 2018 transparency report on government data requests to its website, Apple separated out National Security Letters and requests under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA. Apple had combined numbers for the two items since it began reporting them in 2014..