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Smaller players such as Greenway are also looking to use EU subsidies to continue to expand and win market share initial cufflinks gold uk online. With CEZ and MOL starting in their home markets and Polish companies such as Orlen just gearing up, Greenway plans to have 630 charging stations in place in Poland by 2020 with another 230 in Slovakia and elsewhere in the region. The company, which is already building its first ultra-fast charging stations, will target the Czech Republic and Balkans next, said founder Peter Badik. GreenWay began installing road-side chargers in 2015 and its Slovak entity is a member of a consortium working on a regional project led by Austria’s Verbund (VERB.VI)..

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Part of the U.S. Treasury yield curve “inverted” this week, setting off debate over whether it is delivering a classic signal of oncoming recession or it has just developed a short-term kink that can be explained away by technical reasons. Whatever the reason, investors and economists ignore this message from the bond market at their peril: yield curve inversions – when shorter-dated securities yield more than longer maturities – have preceded every U.S. recession in recent memory by anywhere from 15 months to around two years initial cufflinks gold uk online.

“The yield curve has sent a chill down investors’ spines in regard to the future outlook of the U.S. economy,” said Chad Morganlander, senior portfolio manager at Washington Crossing Advisors in New Jersey. “It’s the what-if scenario.”. To be sure, this week’s inversion has been limited so far to the front-end of the yield curve rather than more closely studied recession harbingers such as the gap between 2-year and 10-year note yields. In the current instance, yields on 5-year notes US5YT=RR have dropped below those on both 2-year US2YT=RR and 3-year US3YT=RR securities initial cufflinks gold uk online.

Still, in December 2005, for instance, a comparable inversion at the front of the curve was followed shortly afterward by an inversion between 2- and 10-year yields initial cufflinks gold uk online. The Great Recession began in December 2007. That pattern was also evident in late 1988 in advance of the 1990 recession. Ahead of the 2001 recession, the entire curve dropped into inversion in sync in February 2000. In the current instance, investors and economists are debating whether this warns of economic weakness ahead or if it reflects other factors, such as a recent reversal of large speculative bets on declining bond prices and the Federal Reserve’s large holdings of Treasuries..

A central focus is whether it means the market is second guessing the Fed, which has been raising interest rates for three years and is expected to lift them further, including at their next meeting in two weeks initial cufflinks gold uk online. Jeffrey Gundlach, chief executive officer of DoubleLine Capital and a closely watched bond investor, comes down on the side of it being a fundamental signal. It reflects “total bond market disbelief in the Federal Reserve’s prior plans to raise rates through 2019,” he told Reuters..