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“Sudden decline in stocks and bond yields on Powell’s comment that the pace of balance sheet reduction is on a preset course and adjusting the pace of balance sheet reduction is not an option at this time disappointed the market. Market may be signaling a desire to slow down the pace of balance sheet normalization.”. PAUL NOLTE, PORTFOLIO MANAGER, KINGSVIEW ASSET MANAGEMENT, CHICAGO. “It looks as though they’re a little bit more hawkish than dovish because they still have two more rate hikes for next year. It looks to me as though they are anticipating continued strength in the economy. Hence the two more rate hikes, based on the dot plot diamond cufflinks for sale uk online. It’s well up from basically one based on market expectations.”..

“We’re going to see slower economic growth. However, that doesn’t quite square with some of the more immediate comments about the economy diamond cufflinks for sale uk online. That’s why we’re seeing a decline in the equity markets off the highs right before the meeting. We’re seeing yields fall further, which is actually kind of a surprise but they’re hanging their hats on that slower long term growth.”. “It goes back to the two rate hikes implied by the dot plot. That’s where equity markets are turning right now because they look at that…as an equity investor I’m concerned about slowing economic data, I’m concerned about tariffs and the implications for earnings, etcetera…but the Fed doesn’t seem to be worried about the same things that I’m worried about.”..

ERIC DONOVAN, MANAGING DIRECTOR, OTC FX AND INTEREST RATES, INTL FCSTONE, NEW YORK. “Right now, the market is pricing in zero hikes for next year. The 10-year Treasury rate is essentially unchanged diamond cufflinks for sale uk online. All the Fed has done is say, ‘well, maybe instead of three we’ll do two.’ They’re not saying one to two. The forecast is still for two hikes next year. “I thought it was absurd that anybody thought they might not cut today, based on the information that’s been coming in. There’s a lot of sensationalism going on in the market and people are completely losing site of what the Fed’s mandate is..

“If there’s one metric in the market that gives me a little bit of pause in terms of trying to anticipate what the Fed will do next year, that’s the collapse in crude oil prices. “Front-end crude has dropped below $50 a barrel, that more anything that’s happening in stocks or anything else gives me a little bit of pause because if crude keep slipping that could weigh on prices in general, and rest assured, if we do fall below the 2 percent inflation target, that is the one and only thing that is going to cause the Fed to stop hiking rates.” diamond cufflinks for sale uk online.

J.J. KINAHAN, CHIEF MARKET STRATEGIST, TD AMERITRADE, CHICAGO diamond cufflinks for sale uk online. “I don’t know if the market necessarily knows what to make of it. I think the market was damned if they wouldn’t and damned if they would, so to speak.”. “We had a lot of people asking the Fed not to raise rates this week, which would have led to a bigger disaster.”. They lowered their path for the next year, which would imply just two rate hikes, that puts the target range between 2.75 – 3, so I think that is pretty dovish, I don’t know how much more dovish they could’ve been.”..