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Despite the share price gain, at least one major shareholder said the revised agreement was still lacking in necessary details on such issues as debt and taxes. Mimica said the deal value was increased by a change in how Embraer could eventually sell its 20 percent stake in the new commercial company. The option can be exercised at the deal value, adjusted for inflation, for 10 years, Embraer said. After that, Embraer can exercise the right to sell at “fair market value,” which BTG analysts saw as adding value to the option deakin and francis skull cufflinks uk online.

Embraer’s board moved on Monday to present the deal for approval to the Brazilian government, which holds veto power over important business decisions at the plane maker. But another source close to the negotiations said they were optimistic about the prospects. It was unclear how long the government could take to make a decision, but President-elect Jair Bolsonaro and his aides have spoken favorably of a Boeing-Embraer deal. Bolsonaro begins his presidency on Jan. 1 deakin and francis skull cufflinks uk online. Brazilian Treasury Secretary Mansueto Almeida said on Monday the government was likely to complete its review of the deal at the beginning of Bolsonaro’s presidency..

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Jeffrey Gundlach, chief executive of DoubleLine Capital, on Monday said the S&P 500 stock index is headed to new lows and that U.S. equities are in a long-term bear market. Gundlach, speaking on CNBC TV, said passive investing has reached “mania status” and will exacerbate market problems. “I think it is a bear market. I think we’ve had the first leg down and the second leg down is usually more painful than the first leg down,” said Gundlach, who oversees more than $123 billion deakin and francis skull cufflinks uk online.

“I think this lasts a long time. It has a lot to do with the fact that, I believe, that we’re in a situation that is deakin and francis skull cufflinks uk online. highly unusual – that we’re increasing the budget deficit so spectacularly so late in the cycle while the Fed is hiking interest rates.”. The S&P 500 briefly erased its losses in late-morning trade on Monday but resumed its steep decline and pierced through Gundlach’s target after he made his “bear market” comments. The intraday low for the year in the S&P was on Feb. 9, when it bottomed at 2532.69. The low close for the year was on April 2 at 2581.88. On Monday, the S&P closed 2545.94..

Investors are also bracing for the Federal Reserve’s last rate decision of the year on Wednesday, when they are expected to raise U.S deakin and francis skull cufflinks uk online. interest rates for a fourth time for 2018. Gundlach said the Fed should not raise rates this week but will. “The bond market is basically saying, ‘You know, Fed, there’s no way you should be raising interest rates’,” he said. The U.S. central bank’s quantitative tightening campaign has made markets nervous because of the ultra-low levels that have remained in place for several years, Gundlach said..