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The company has more than 3 million active connected cars across the globe and is expected to report revenues of about 500 million crowns in 2018, Volvo said in its statement custom cufflinks uk uk online. Volkswagen said it targets sales of more than 1 billion euros from 2025 through the WirelessCar platform, excluding possible vehicle sales via the digital platform, which will be accessible on mobile phones or on in-car devices in some models starting next April. Volkswagen’s digital shop will offer services such as its parking app We park, its car trunk delivery service We deliver and its car sharing services We Share or Moia..

Customers will also be able to book functions on demand, such as map data for specific countries or auxiliary heating in winter months, VW said. The platform for registered Volkswagen customers will also be open for third-party vendors, such as suppliers of music, movies and other infotainment. The WirelessCar deal still has to be approved by cartel authorities and is expected to close during the first half of 2019. On closing, the divestment would result in a positive impact on Volvo’s operating income of about 1.5 billion crowns and on cash flow of 1.1 billion crowns, Volvo said custom cufflinks uk uk online.

LONDON (Reuters) – GlaxoSmithKline plans to split into two businesses — one for prescription drugs and vaccines, the other for over-the-counter products — after forming a new joint venture with Pfizer’s consumer health division. The revamp is the boldest move yet by GSK Chief Executive Emma Walmsley, who took over last year. It will lead to the creation of a consumer health giant with a market share of 7.3 percent, well ahead of its nearest rivals Johnson & Johnson, Bayer and Sanofi, all on around 4 percent custom cufflinks uk uk online.

Walmsley has previously played down the idea of breaking up the group, something that a number of investors have called for over the years. On Wednesday, however, she announced that GSK and Pfizer would combine their consumer health businesses in a joint venture with sales of 9.8 billion pounds ($12.7 billion), 68 percent-owned by the British company, in an all-equity transaction custom cufflinks uk uk online. GSK said the deal laid the foundation for the creation of two new UK-based global companies focused on pharma/vaccines and consumer healthcare within three years of the transaction closing..

For Pfizer, the deal resolves the issue of what to do with its consumer health division, which includes Advil painkillers and Centrum vitamins, after an abortive attempt to sell it outright earlier this year. GSK, whose consumer products include Sensodyne toothpaste and Panadol painkillers, had withdrawn from that earlier Pfizer auction process but Walmsley said the opportunity to strike an all-equity deal cleared the way for the new agreement custom cufflinks uk uk online. “It’s something we’ve been able to do quickly and quietly,” she told reporters in a conference call..