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DXC Technology declined to comment, saying in a statement that it does not comment on reports about specific cyber events and hacking groups. Reuters was unable to confirm the names of other breached technology firms or identify any affected clients. The sources, who were not authorized to comment on confidential information gleaned from investigations into the hacks, said that HPE and IBM were not the only prominent technology companies whose networks had been compromised by Cloudhopper. Cloudhopper, which has been targeting technology services providers for several years, infiltrated the networks of HPE and IBM multiple times in breaches that lasted for weeks and months, according to another of the sources with knowledge of the matter cufflinks shirts zara uk online.

IBM investigated an attack as recently as this summer, and HPE conducted a large breach investigation in early 2017, the source said. The attackers were persistent, making it difficult to ensure that networks were safe, said another source cufflinks shirts zara uk online. IBM has dealt with some infections by installing new hard drives and fresh operating systems on infected computers, said the person familiar with the effort. Cloudhopper attacks date back to at least 2014, according the indictment. The indictment cited one case in which Cloudhopper compromised data of an MSP in New York state and clients in 12 countries including Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Britain and the United States. They were from industries including finance, electronics, medical equipment, biotechnology, automotive, mining, and oil and gas exploration..

One senior intelligence official, who declined to name any victims who were breached, said attacks on MSPs were a significant threat because they essentially turned technology companies into launchpads for hacks on clients cufflinks shirts zara uk online. “By gaining access to an MSP, you can in many cases gain access to any one of their customers,” said the official. “Call it the Walmart approach: If I needed to get 30 different items for my shopping list, I could go to 15 different stores or I could go to the one that has everything.”..

Representatives with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security declined to comment. Officials with the U.S. Justice Department and the Chinese embassy in Washington could not be reached cufflinks shirts zara uk online. A British government spokeswoman declined to comment on the identities of companies affected by the Cloudhopper campaign or the impact of those breaches. “A number of MSPs have been affected, and naming them would have potential commercial consequences for them, putting them at an unfair disadvantage to their competitors,” she said..

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Investors are finding out that it is not all puppies and unicorns when it comes to momentum plays, in a painful lesson as the Nasdaq tumbles to the edge of a bear market. Investors reaped fat gains through the final stages of the long-running bull market on a set of stocks that many regarded as destined to go ever higher cufflinks shirts zara uk online. But the tide has turned and investors can’t seem to run away fast enough. Some are ready to call an end to Wall Street’s most popular trade – the so-called FAANG group of five favorite technology and internet stocks..