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Two of Hong Kong’s biggest deals, Xiaomi (1810.HK) and Meituan Dianping (3690.HK), which raised $9.7 billion between them, are down 19 percent and 26 percent respectively since their floats in July and September. Hong Kong has been hit by volatility stemming from concerns over a U.S.-China trade war and by slowing growth in China, the world’s second-largest economy. The city’s benchmark Hang Seng Index .HSI has fallen 13 percent this year, while the Shanghai Composite index .SSE has dropped more than 20 percent cufflinks men uk online. In the United States the S&P 500 is up 0.8 percent..

“From an investing perspective it’s obviously been terrible,” said a Hong Kong-based investor at a major asset manager. “A lot of these companies are very interesting, they’re really attractive cufflinks men uk online. and I think there’s been a certain amount of .. fear of missing out,” the person said, referring to investors’ continued participation in IPOs despite their performance. Hong Kong has hosted a series of Chinese tech floats after a change in its listing rules in April to allow dual-class shares, brought in to avoid a repeat of Chinese e-commerce group Alibaba (BABA.N) picking New York in 2014 for its record $25 billion IPO because Hong Kong would not accept its unusual control structure..

Bankers said a factor in the soggy post-IPO performance was a reluctance by many company founders to accept lower valuations, meaning many deals priced high. Xiaomi for instance, valued at $54 billion in its July IPO, had been seeking a valuation of more than $70 billion as recently as May cufflinks men uk online. Bankers however took comfort from the renewed interest this year in Hong Kong listings among global institutions, many of which had previously been deterred by a parade of unexciting Chinese state-owned enterprises that dominated local IPOs..

POCATELLO, Idaho (Reuters) – When Sean Luangrath joined Pocatello, Idaho-based Inergy Solar a few years ago, the plan was to move the portable solar battery maker to his home base of Salt Lake City so he could build it with easy access to Silicon Slopes’ tech talent and venture capital cufflinks men uk online. But when the new CEO looked at the labor costs, he ditched that plan and decided instead to rely on labor drawn from local colleges and the nearby Idaho National Laboratory. By next year he plans to double the payroll to 50 employees as he moves the company’s manufacturing operations from China back to eastern Idaho..

Laungrath says he likes being the relatively bigger fish in a relatively smaller pool. “There’s less competition for doing stuff like this in this neck of the woods.”. But Luangrath’s decision also reflects the reality of a U.S. labor market that is by some measures the hottest in decades. The national unemployment rate held steady last month at 3.7 percent, a 50-year-low, figures released by the U.S. Labor Department showed Friday. And though job gains fell short of expectations, at 155,000 in November they were still twice what some estimate is needed to keep up with population growth cufflinks men uk online.