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It also throws in free fitness club memberships, massages and yoga for its workers – benefits more common in places such as Silicon Valley and London than Sofia. “We have had to decline new business and projects due to lack of workers,” Telus spokeswoman Simona Stiliyanova said cufflinks brands uk online. “We face challenges in finding people with proper language skills and this is the reason to seek new ways to find them.”. In Poland, at least one company uses prisoners to beef up its workforce. Amica Wronki (AMCP.WA), a household appliance maker and wholesaler, has started cooperating with the country’s biggest prison and now has 50 inmates on its books..

Poland’s unemployment rate is expected to remain lower than 6 percent through the end of 2018, hovering at levels unseen since the early 1990s. Officials view the labor shortage in some industries as a growing threat to the economy. “The project helps local entrepreneurs to solve some of the problems associated with the search for employees for production positions, which result from the high density of plants in this part of the country,” Amica spokesman Tomasz Pietrzyk said cufflinks brands uk online. CHRISTMAS CARP Other companies in the region’s biggest economy are simply throwing cash at the problem. Budimex (BDXP.WA), Poland’s largest construction company and subsidiary of Spain’s Ferrovial (FER.MC), has launched a program offering money to anyone who helps find new workers..

“We are aiming for a long-term duration of the program,” spokesman Michal Wrzosek said. “We are looking for more or less 50 different specializations.”. In Hungary, a Eurostat survey cited by economists at Erste Group Bank (ERST.VI) showed a lack of workers limited production at 83 percent of industrial companies in the third quarter, and at half of Polish and 44 percent of Czech businesses cufflinks brands uk online. Hungary’s chronic labor shortage is now feeding into corporate takeover activity with some companies making acquisitions to find the workers or expertise needed to keep their businesses humming..

Companies across eastern Europe are also ramping up investment in automation to cope with shortages that started after the 2008 financial crisis and worsened in 2011 when final curbs on workers moving to richer EU countries were lifted. But sometimes a more human touch does the trick. Czech bearing maker Koyo – part of Japan’s Jtekt (6473.T) – offers a range of perks and has set up what it calls a Dojo training center in a nod to its Japanese owners to train local unskilled workers quickly for manufacturing jobs cufflinks brands uk online.

TOKYO (Reuters) – Toshiba Corp (6502.T) has no immediate plans to sell its 40.2 percent stake in Toshiba Memory Corp, its chief executive told Reuters, as the world’s No. 2 producer of NAND flash memory chips prepares to go public within the next three years. Toshiba’s stake is seen by some analysts as a concern at a time when overcapacity in NAND memory chips, used in smartphones and data storage servers, has pressured prices and forced companies to give a dull near-term outlook cufflinks brands uk online. But Toshiba – which sold the chip business in June for roughly $18 billion and then reinvested $3.1 billion to gain voting rights – sees the stake as a boon..