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BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday it hoped the United States could show sincerity and meet it halfway on trade, ahead of a meeting this weekend between the two countries’ leaders that could be key to resolving their trade war creative cufflinks uk online. Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang made the comment at a daily news briefing. U.S. President Donald Trump sent mixed signals on Thursday about the prospects for a trade deal with China, saying an agreement was close but he was not sure he wanted one, just as he left for Argentina for a meeting with President Xi Jinping..

LONDON/MILAN (Reuters) – With sluggish growth translating into the most disappointing earnings in years, European stocks are set for a tough ride if a full blown Sino-U.S. trade war erupts following Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping’s G20 dinner on Saturday. The ongoing tariff dispute has already made the Chinese economy sneeze and given a cold to some of Europe Inc’s most iconic powerhouses due to their heavy exposure to the world’s second biggest economy. This drag is set to continue even if Trump and Xi’s meeting ends cordially creative cufflinks uk online. If relations between the economic superpowers deteriorate further, the impact on many of Europe’s top firms could be profound..

Upmarket German car makers like BMW (BMWG.DE) or French luxury houses such as Hermes (HRMS.PA) have already been tagged as collateral victims of the Trump administration’s trade policy after sharp falls in their share prices this year creative cufflinks uk online. With about six percent or roughly 80 billion euros of its constituents’ revenues originating from China, Germany’s DAX .GDAXi is typically used as a proxy to bet on a trade war and is lagging, with a 12.5 percent fall year-to-date, the less exposed pan-European STOXX 600 benchmark..

BMW will make 18 percent of its revenue in 2018 from the world’s second-largest economy, while Volkswagen’s share stands at 14 percent, according to Morgan Stanley creative cufflinks uk online. Even if Germany, whose bilateral trade with China hit a record 188 billion euros last year, is a key concern, worries among investors are widespread. A study conducted for Reuters by business insights platform AlphaSense shows a threefold increase in the number of times a China slowdown was mentioned during European earnings conference calls between July and September this year..

While just 16 companies in the MSCI Europe index mentioned China in the context of a slowdown between April and June, that number climbed to 49 companies, in earnings calls during the following quarter creative cufflinks uk online. The mention of China, in any form or way, jumped from 361 to 540 during the same period. If some of the underperformance of European bourses in comparison to Wall Street can be partially explained by the Trump’s administration tax cuts, many analysts believe the key lies elsewhere. “Europe is very much exposed, being very cyclical, it’s an open economy and its stock markets already reflect that”, explained Emmanuel Cau, European equity strategist at Barclays..