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SEOUL/PARIS/TOKYO (Reuters) – From an eye shadow that opens with the flick of a thumb, Zippo-style, to a barely-there foundation in subtle blue-gray packaging: men’s make-up is getting a makeover as manufacturers bid to take it more mainstream. France’s Chanel and Japan’s Pola Orbis are among firms launching new ranges to exploit signs of rising demand for cosmetics among men, especially in Asia, betting the tide is finally turning in a segment that has long underwhelmed. Beyond showbusiness circles or the limited realm of beauty bloggers, the brands have other clients – such as image-conscious executives – in their sights, as they emphasize the undetectable aspects of some products bow tie and cufflinks set uk online.

“Giving off a sense of cleanliness is becoming a kind of business skill,” said Akira Gogo, president of Pola Orbis subsidiary Acro, which launched a men’s make-up range in September that includes foundation in 15 different skin tones given names like “Crispin” or “Joaquin” bow tie and cufflinks set uk online. With some previous experiments in this field flopping, and dominant players such as France’s L’Oreal on the fence, it’s a gamble the companies are reticent to hype up too much..

“We don’t expect to see sales suddenly jump – we’re trying to create a new culture,” Gogo added. But an increasingly receptive audience in markets such as South Korea – where wildly popular “K-pop” boy bands and their cute, flawless looks have helped redefine ideas of the comely male – points to growing potential for this niche. That is partly down to consumers such as Lee Ho-June, a 28-year-old who runs his own company as a fashion designer bow tie and cufflinks set uk online. He says he draws the line at a full face of make-up, unlike some acquaintances who paint their eyebrows, but has got used to using tinted moisturizers like BB creams – and visiting beauty stores with growing men’s counters..

“For me as a guy, it had been embarrassing and awkward to walk into a cosmetics shop,” Ho-June said, as he browsed with a female friend in downtown Seoul. “Now I enter a shop without hesitation.” bow tie and cufflinks set uk online. Asia’s male grooming market is still a relative minnow, accounting for under a fifth of the $49.5 billion industry globally in 2017, according to data from market research firm Euromonitor. Yet while business in other regions revolves around shaving products and deodorants, Asia already punches above its weight in men’s skincare, accounting for more than 60 percent of worldwide sales in one of the industry’s fastest-growing segments..

Most cosmetics makers have made, at most, only tentative steps into men’s make-up. L’Oreal, which featured a male model for the first time in a 2016 advertising campaign for a foundation, makes BB creams for men. So does Estee Lauder, under its male Lab Series brand, which recently also launched a color-correcting moisturizer meant to mimic the effect of a photo filter bow tie and cufflinks set uk online. But the U.S. company’s Tom Ford ranges are among the only world-famous names in male make-up. Some others, including a line attempted in 2008 by French couturier Jean Paul Gaultier, were discontinued..