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But Intel said it now has technology to stack computing circuits on top of each other and wire them together with speedy connections, enabling it to pack more onto a single chip antique tiffany cufflinks uk online. Stacking has been used in memory chips before, but Intel would be the first company to successfully stack the so-called “logic” chips that handle computing tasks, Raja Koduri, Intel’s chief of chip architecture, told Reuters in an interview. “We’ve been working on this packaging technology for nearly 20 years,” Koduri said. “There’s some real physics problems to solve in stacking logic on logic.”..

The stacking technology will be available in the second half of next year, Intel said. It will also Intel break up its chip designs into smaller units called “chiplets” so that, for example, memory and computing chips can be stacked in different combinations. Koduri said that will let Intel meet changing customer needs instead of selling “monolithic” chips antique tiffany cufflinks uk online. But Jack Gold, an analyst with J.Gold Associates, said the technology will also help Intel move faster against rivals like Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD.O) which are using TSMC’s technology..

BERLIN (Reuters) – The fatal crash of a German armed forces helicopter in Mali last year was caused by the failure of mechanics from manufacturer Airbus to correctly set the aircraft’s rotor controls after repairs, a defense official told Reuters on Wednesday. An armed forces investigation of the crash, which killed both pilots aboard the helicopter, found that neither a technical defect nor material fatigue were to blame, according to the official who has seen the report and a second source briefed on the matter antique tiffany cufflinks uk online.

“It was a maintenance error on the part of Airbus. The pilots were not at fault,” said the second source. Airbus said in a statement that a German military investigation had identified an improper setting of controls as “one of the factors in the chain of events” that led to the crash, and precautionary measures had been implemented to prevent any reoccurrence of the issue. It said the investigation had ruled out any design issue with the Tiger helicopter antique tiffany cufflinks uk online. The company said it would refrain from further statements due to pending proceedings on the case..

“Airbus must take responsibility,” said Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, deputy head of the Free Democrats and defense spokesperson for her party. The Tiger helicopter had been deployed to support a peacekeeping mission in Mali’s desert when it lurched into a steep, uncontrolled forward dive so severe that the rotors fell to pieces during its rapid descent. The report found that Airbus mechanics had incorrectly calibrated the Tiger helicopter’s rotor controls after repairs carried out at its home base of Fritzlar in central Germany antique tiffany cufflinks uk online.