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Entrepreneurs have long said, however, one of the biggest challenges they face when selling to large institutions remains their cumbersome procurement process. As highly regulated entities banks must ensure the technology and services they acquire are reliable and sturdy, a need often resulting in months of meetings and reams of forms. This can be especially challenging for startups with limited resources and few employees. “I used to be a founder and CEO of a fintech company,” Melamed said. “I’ve experienced the pain from the other side.” airplane cufflinks india uk online.

Morgan Stanley’s efforts to shorten on-boarding time come as the bank’s wealth business rolls out WealthDesk, a suite of nearly a dozen new tech tools and services, to 15,000 financial advisers. WealthDesk is a key part of the growth strategy for the bank’s wealth business, which contributes half of Morgan Stanley’s revenues. In November, the bank held a fintech event at its New York headquarters where 400 Morgan Stanley executives met with 90 fintech startups, Melamed said airplane cufflinks india uk online.

BOSTON (Reuters) – MetLife Inc will pay a $1 million fine to resolve claims that it made misleading statements to investors in failing to pay pension benefits to thousands of retirees it improperly treated as “presumed dead.” airplane cufflinks india uk online. Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin announced the settlement on Wednesday. The deal resolves an administrative case that Galvin’s office filed against MetLife in June. As part of the settlement, Galvin’s office said that MetLife will provide payments, with interest, to hundreds of Massachusetts retirees and beneficiaries..

In an administrative complaint, Galvin’s office accused MetLife of making misleading statements to investors regarding the sufficiency of the reserves it was required to maintain to meet its obligations to pensioners. Following December’s revelation, MetLife said in February it would increase the reserves by $510 million airplane cufflinks india uk online. The company has estimated that the number of retirees affected, both in and outside Massachusetts, is about 13,500. “Our focus since we self-identified and self-reported this issue has been to enhance our processes so that we deliver better service to our customers,” MetLife said in a statement. “This settlement is in line with that focus.”..

The case centers on MetLife’s business over the last several decades of acquiring the assets of employer pension plans and converting them into group annuity contracts in a process called pension risk transfer. Galvin’s complaint said MetLife relied on inadequate procedures to contact retirees, many of whom may not have known the company took over the pension responsibilities. MetLife contacted them primarily by sending two perfunctory letters at age 65 and 70-1/2 airplane cufflinks india uk online. When retirees did not respond to them, MetLife categorized them as “presumed dead,” the complaint said..