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Trump warned German carmakers in 2017 he could impose a 35 percent tax on vehicles imported to the United States unless there was some “rebalancing” of trade. There were too many Mercedes-Benz cars rolling down New York’s Fifth Avenue, Trump said, lamenting that Europeans were not buying enough Chevrolets. The White House’s demand to meet German car bosses comes despite the fact it is the European Commission that formally handles trade negotiations on behalf of the European Union gold diamond cufflinks uk online.

To try to assuage Trump officials, German car bosses will outline plans for increasing the proportion of components produced in the United States. Volkswagen (VW) will reiterate it is looking to expand its U.S. manufacturing capacity to include electric cars gold diamond cufflinks uk online. German carmakers are among the largest net exporters of vehicles to and from the United States. BMW and Mercedes, for example, build most of their sport utility vehicles in U.S. plants and import luxury limousines built in Germany to America..

BMW has its largest global car factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina, while VW has a plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Mercedes builds cars in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. “The German car bosses will not try to negotiate international trade policy, but they will ensure that the people in Washington have the same understanding about the impact of their policies as the mayor of Chattanooga,” Brauner said gold diamond cufflinks uk online. Around 10,000 local jobs depend on each model built in Chattanooga, the city’s mayor Andy Berke told the Wolfsburg conference in a Webcast interview..

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the insider trading conviction and five-year prison sentence of famed Las Vegas sports gambler William “Billy” Walters, even as it chastised an FBI agent for leaking grand jury information about the case. Walters, 72, had been accused of using nonpublic information from former Dean Foods Co (DF.N) Chairman Thomas Davis about the dairy processing company and from Olive Garden parent Darden Restaurants Inc (DRI.N) to make more than $43 million in profits and avoided losses from 2008 to 2014 gold diamond cufflinks uk online.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan said Walters’ April 2017 conviction was not unconstitutionally tainted by several leaks from Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent David Chaves to reporters about the grand jury probe gold diamond cufflinks uk online. It also rejected Walters’ claims that prosecutors suborned perjury by Davis over the use of a disposable cellphone nicknamed the “Batphone” to provide tips, and that the evidence didn’t support his conviction related to Darden..

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Visa, the world’s largest payments network operator, and its closest rival Mastercard have proposed a 0.2 percent fee on non-EU debit card payments carried out in shops and a 0.3 percent fee on credit card payments, the Commission said on Tuesday. This would bring their fees in line with those charged for EU cards, which were the subject of a long EU investigation after a 1997 complaint by business lobby EuroCommerce mens chain cufflinks uk online. The group, whose members include Carrefour (CARR.PA), Marks & Spencer (MKS.L), Lidl and Metro (B4B.DE), welcomed the offer but criticized the big difference in online and offline transaction fees..

Under the terms of the offer for online payments, debit card charges would be 1.15 percent and 1.50 percent for credit cards and the commitments would apply for five-and-a-half years. “No such distinction is made for cards issued in the EU.. We therefore cannot understand why merchants should be charged more for a perceived risk which can only arise by the card issuers’ failure to implement adequate fraud prevention measures,” the lobbying group said. European consumer group BEUC urged merchants to pass on the cost savings to consumers mens chain cufflinks uk online.

Third parties have a month to provide feedback before the Commission decides whether to accept the offer, which was revealed by Reuters last month, or demand a bigger reduction. Mastercard said it expected to incur a $650 million charge in the fourth quarter of this year because of a substantial fine related to a second EU antitrust investigation. The Commission three years ago charged the company with imposing rules which blocked banks in one EU country from offering lower interchange fees to a retailer in a second EU country. Mastercard scrapped this practice in December 2015 after the bloc adopted rules capping such charges mens chain cufflinks uk online.

WOLFSBURG, Germany (Reuters) – The global system of international trade is in crisis, the World Trade Organization (WTO) warned on Tuesday, as German car bosses gathered in Washington hoping to stave off potential tariffs on U.S. imports of luxury cars. Top officials from Daimler (DAIGn.DE), BMW (BMWG.DE) and Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) have been summoned to the United States to meet White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow to discuss U.S. efforts to rebalance global trade mens chain cufflinks uk online. The meeting comes after months of warnings from U.S. President Donald Trump that he might impose big tariffs on imported cars, and days after he agreed a truce in a broader trade war with China..

“The system is in crisis mode and how this plays out remains to be seen,” WTO Deputy Director General Karl Brauner told the Handelsblatt automotive summit in Wolfsburg, Germany mens chain cufflinks uk online. Global trade and welfare cannot continue when large countries take unilateral action which deviates from common rules and principles, Brauner warned. “You need legal certainty and predictability, and if everybody just does whatever they want, it’s over,” Brauner said, adding the visit by German car bosses may help Trump’s administration understand the impact of tariffs on global trade..

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letter o cufflinks uk online – At the outset of the 16th century, Leonardo Da Vinci illustrated the principals behind the need to reduce friction in many of the mechanical elements of the day. Today, ball bearings play a major role in everything mechanical by reducing friction and adding support between stationary and moving parts. Whether you make a living as an engineer or simply have an appreciation for great design, the Ball Bearing Cufflinks are an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Featuring an industrial design and mounted on a sterling silver backing, you can drag yourself out of the garage, wipe off the grease and hit the town in style. Measures approximately 3/4″ in diameter, Crafted from authentic ball bearings, Soldered to sterling silver swivel findings, these bearings actually spin, Each pair of cufflinks comes gift-boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity,

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Key among these are one proposed by Danish center-left lawmaker Christel Schaldemose, the lead parliament negotiator, which takes aim at online marketplaces such as Amazon which critics say use their merchants’ data to make copycat products letter o cufflinks uk online. Schaldemose wants these companies to set up Chinese walls between subsidiaries and to get merchants’ consent before their data can be used. Her compatriot, European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, is also looking into the issue. Lawmakers have also come up with a list of unfair trading practices which they want to ban, and also proposed more powers for national authorities to go after rule breakers..

Tech lobbying group CCIA, whose members include Amazon, Facebook, Google and eBay, said lawmakers should not be too hasty in clamping down on the sector letter o cufflinks uk online. “Intrusive rules in a one-size-fits-all regulation make little sense for a sector as diverse as online services. That is why both Commission and Member States support a measured approach based on transparency,” CCIA vice president Jakob Kucharczyk said. EU governments adopted a joint position last week, sticking closely to the Commission’s proposal. The parliamentary committee will vote on the amendments on Thursday, after which the EU body will thrash out a common position with EU governments and the Commission..

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase & Co, (JPM.N) on Tuesday said he favors using the bank’s excess capital to reinvest in its business instead of buying back stock. “Stock buyback, in my opinion, is a very good thing to do when your stock is cheap,” he said at an investor conference hosted by Goldman Sachs Group Inc letter o cufflinks uk online. Dimon also said fourth-quarter trading revenue so far is “roughly equivalent” to last year. The comments on buybacks come after JPMorgan shares have traded for a year at more than $100 and roughly two times tangible book value..

“The highest and best use of our capital is reinvesting it and we are starting to do that now,” Dimon said, citing additional spending on technology, branches and loans to small business as examples. “This notion that you should buy back stock at three times tangible book value as a return of capital to shareholders is crazy,” he said. He said he favors paying out dividends amounting to about 30 percent to 35 percent of annual earnings. Protesters interrupted Dimon’s comments twice to challenge JPMorgan over the financing of private prisons and immigration detention centers letter o cufflinks uk online.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Visa (V.N) and Mastercard (MA.N) have offered to cap the fees charged on card payments made by tourists in the European Union to stave off fines and end an EU antitrust investigation. The European Commission, which has waged a decades-long crackdown on payment and credit card fees, says so-called interchange fees in which the merchant’s bank pays a charge to the cardholder’s bank, result in higher prices for consumers. This is because the fees, which are a lucrative source of revenue for banks, are ultimately borne by the merchant letter o cufflinks uk online.

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Demand for tankers, which refuel combat aircraft during exercises or missions, has grown as armed forces stage more longer-range operations around the world. The U.S cufflink sets uk online. Air Force, which wants to ultimately replace its entire fleet of more than 400 tankers, is looking to meet growing demand for aerial refueling with possible fee-for-service arrangements, purchases of hundreds of additional aircraft, and the future development of a stealthy tanker. Senior Airbus and Lockheed executives have agreed to explore all these opportunities, but are still working on details of their future cooperation, sources familiar with the matter said..

Airbus, which previously worked with Northrop Grumman Corp (NOC.N), won a $35 billion contract in 2008 to build its MRTT tankers for the U.S cufflink sets uk online. Air Force. But the deal was overturned amid political pressure and the U.S. Air Force re-ran the competition, which Boeing ultimately won, landing a $49 billion contract in 2011 to build 179 of its 767-based tankers. Boeing had hoped this would lead to further orders but it has struggled with the KC-46A program, missing deadlines and racking up some $3 billion in additional costs..

Todd Blecher, a Boeing spokesman, told Reuters it is working with the U.S. Air Force to deliver the first tanker before the end of the year and the new aircraft would be “the backbone of global mobility for generations to come”. But Airbus and Lockheed now hope to win orders for the A330-based Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT), and eventually design work on a next-generation tanker. “We will be well-positioned to provide the United States Air Force with the advanced refueling solutions needed to meet 21st century security challenges,” Lockheed Chief Executive Marillyn Hewson said in a statement cufflink sets uk online.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Google (GOOGL.O), Amazon (AMZN.O), Apple (AAPL.O) and other tech giants face one of their biggest challenges this week as a key EU lawmaking committee prepares to take a tough stance on legislation designed to curb their power and boost the rights of businesses cufflink sets uk online. In a bid to ensure a level playing field between the tech companies and bricks-and-mortar businesses, the European Commission in April drafted rules to prevent unfair business practices by app stores, search engines, e-commerce sites and hotel booking websites..

These include forcing search engines such as Google to provide information on how they rank products and services in internet search results cufflink sets uk online. Europe’s telecoms industry has also seized the opportunity to lobby for tougher rules for internet rivals. The proposal, known as the platform-to-business regulation (P2B), needs to be approved by EU countries and the European Parliament before it can become law. Lawmakers, under pressure to be seen as consumer-friendly ahead of May elections, have come up with numerous amendments to beef up the draft..

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GENEVA (Reuters) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made an apparent threat on Tuesday to disrupt other countries’ oil shipments through the Gulf if Washington presses ahead with efforts to halt Iranian oil exports. The United States has imposed sanctions on Iran and U.S. officials say they aim to reduce Iran’s oil exports to zero in a bid to curb the Islamic Republic’s missile program and regional influence tateossian compass cufflinks uk online. “America should know that we are selling our oil and will continue to sell our oil and they are not able to stop our oil exports,” Rouhani said in a televised speech during a trip to the northern Iranian city of Shahroud..

“If one day they want to prevent the export of Iran’s oil, then no oil will be exported from the Persian Gulf,” he said. Rouhani made similar comments in July tateossian compass cufflinks uk online. Also in July, an Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander, Ismail Kowsari, was quoted as saying that Tehran would block oil shipments through the Strait of Hormuz lf the United States banned Iranian oil sales. Tensions have risen between Iran and the United States after U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew from a multilateral nuclear deal in May and reimposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic..

Rouhani said the United States would not succeed in cutting Iran’s economic ties with the region and the world tateossian compass cufflinks uk online. “The most hostile group in America, with relation to Iran, has taken power,” Rouhani said, according to the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). “Of course they never had a friendship with the people of Iran and we never trusted America or others 100 percent.”. Earlier, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif denied a Reuters report that said a European mechanism to set up an account to trade with Iran and beat the newly reimposed U.S. sanctions may not cover oil sales, the Iranian foreign ministry website reported..

“Based on the information we have, it’s not so. Because if Iran’s oil money is not deposited into the account, it’s not clear that there would be any funds for trade, because oil is a major part of Iran’s exports,” Zarif said, according to the website. “This appears to be propaganda aimed at discouraging people,” Zarif added tateossian compass cufflinks uk online. France and Germany are to take joint responsibility for the EU-Iran trade mechanism, Reuters reported. But the agency quoted diplomats as saying that, with U.S. threats of retribution for sanctions-busting unrelenting, the goals of the nascent trade mechanism could be scaled back to encompass only less sensitive items such as humanitarian and food products..

BERLIN (Reuters) – Airbus (AIR.PA) and Lockheed Martin (LMT.N) said on Tuesday they are teaming up to meet a growing demand for aerial refueling from the U.S. Air Force, nearly eight years after the European planemaker lost an initial battle with Boeing (BA.N). The deal marks the first major foray by Airbus into the huge U.S. military market since its failed 2012 bid to merge with Britain’s BAE Systems (BAES.L) and its large U.S. business tateossian compass cufflinks uk online. It also promises a sequel to an epic battle between the world’s largest planemakers, that saw two former Boeing executives sent to federal prison for ethics violations..

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U.S custom enamel cufflinks uk online. lawmaker Kevin Brady, chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee in the House of Representatives, welcomed the failure of the proposal, calling the tax a “revenue grab” aimed at an industry dominated by American firms. “Rather than pursuing measures like this that would result in double taxation,” he said, “countries should continue working together through the OECD framework on the important global dialogue regarding the digital economy.”. Companies with big online advertising operations like Google and Facebook would be most affected by the Franco-German proposal as they make up the majority of the market in Europe..

Under this proposal, the tax would not come into force until January 2021, and only if no international solution has been found custom enamel cufflinks uk online. Paris and Berlin proposed that it expire by 2025 in a move aimed at appeasing concerns that it may become permanent. The Austrian presidency has been trying to reach a deal on the tax by the end of the year, while the Franco-German proposal calls for a deal by March. “Don’t expect us to solve the challenge of a generation in a couple weeks or months,” French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said, adding the Franco-German proposal could still yield a deal..

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Ireland’s finance minister poured cold water Tuesday on a new Franco-German proposal for a European tax on companies’ digital revenues, saying it failed to address his concerns custom enamel cufflinks uk online. “I continue to have strong principled concerns about this policy direction,” Paschal Donohoe told his EU counterparts in a debate on the tax after France and Germany put forward a new proposal focused only on online advertising revenues. Donohoe added that it would be better to deal with the taxation of large digital companies seeking a broader international deal at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)..

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A federal judge who has been asked to sign off on the U.S custom enamel cufflinks uk online. government’s decision to approve CVS Health Corp’s (CVS.N) acquisition of insurer Aetna Inc said Tuesday he was “less convinced” than the government that the companies had struck a deal that ensured the merger was legal under antitrust law. Judge Richard Leon of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia had complained last week in a hearing that the two sides had treated him as a “rubber stamp” for the agreement. CVS closed the $69 billion transaction last week and began the integration process..

“At this stage, I am less convinced of the sufficiency of the government’s negotiated remedy than the government is,” he wrote in the order issued on Tuesday. The Justice Department approved the merger of CVS, a pharmacy chain and benefits manager, and Aetna on condition that the health insurer sell its Medicare Part D drug plan business to WellCare Health Plans Inc (WCG.N). That sale was completed last month custom enamel cufflinks uk online. Also in the order, Leon asked the government and the companies to file a brief by Dec. 14 to show why their integration should not be halted while he considers whether or not to approve the consent decree reached in October..

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WOLFSBURG, Germany (Reuters) – Volkswagen’s (VOWG_p.DE) strategy chief said on Tuesday the German carmaker’s core brand will develop its final generation of vehicles using combustion engine technology in 2026. Volkswagen made a strategy shift toward battery-driven vehicles in the wake of a damaging diesel-emissions cheating scandal in 2015, which forced the carmaker to pay more than 27 billion euros in fines for hiding excessive pollution. “In the year 2026 will be the last product start on a combustion engine platform,” Michael Jost told the Handelsblatt automotive summit conference at Volkswagen’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany man cufflinks uk online.

A spokesman confirmed Jost’s remarks meant that VW, Europe and China’s best selling passenger car brand, will focus on electric cars instead. VW will continue to adapt its petrol and diesel engined cars to meet environmental standards during the lifetime of those vehicles, but the German carmaker is now committed to radical steps to stop global warming, Jost said. As a way to meet the goals of the Paris climate accord, Volkswagen has changed its car development benchmarks to include the target of radically cutting levels of carbon dioxide pollution in production as well, Jost said man cufflinks uk online.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union finance ministers failed to agree a tax on digital revenues on Tuesday, despite a last minute Franco-German plan to salvage the proposal by narrowing its focus to companies like Google (GOOGL.O) and Facebook (FB.O). The European Union’s executive arm proposed a 3 percent tax on big digital firms’ online revenues in March, alleging the companies funnelled profit through states with the lowest tax rates. The tax requires the support of all 28 EU states, including small, low-tax countries like Ireland which have benefited by allowing multinationals to book profits there on digital sales to customers elsewhere in the European Union man cufflinks uk online.

The setback is a blow to French President Emmanuel Macron, as his government had invested considerable political capital in the tax. It is also seen in Paris as a useful example of joint European action before EU parliament elections next year man cufflinks uk online. In the original European Commission proposal, the tax was intended to be a temporary “quick fix” until a broader solution could be found among OECD members. But this was opposed by Ireland and some Nordic countries, leading French and German finance ministers to focus solely on online advertising revenues instead..

While this met with misgivings and outright opposition from at least four other ministers at a meeting in Brussels, they agreed to keep talking, said Austrian Finance Minister Hartwig Loeger, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency man cufflinks uk online. A broader turnover tax on firms with significant digital revenues in Europe would have hit companies such as Apple (AAPL.O) and Amazon (AMZN.O) harder, but the Franco-German proposal would not cover data sales and online marketplaces. “I continue to have strong principled concerns about this policy direction,” Irish Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe told his EU counterparts in a debate on the tax..

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“You usually don’t see that kind of movement in Treasury yields occur so quickly. With the inversion of the (3Y and 5Y yield spread), people thought that was a precursor to the inversion of the (2Y and 10Y yield spread), which would have been read as a precursor to a recession. It seemed as if all the dominoes were aligned and started to fall father of the bride cufflinks amazon uk online. That’s what led to the major selling pressure in the overall market.”. “No one from the Fed seems to have indicated a vast concern if the 2 and the 10 actually inverts. They say that they’re watching it. The market is saying something different from what the Fed is. The only thing the Fed has indicated is maybe we aren’t really that close to neutral. There’s not a lot of clarity coming from the Federal Reserve in all this.”..

DELORES RUBIN, SENIOR EQUITIES TRADER, DEUTSCHE BANK WEALTH MANAGEMENT, NEW YORK. “This huge move that we are seeing in the last hour, the majority of this is a reaction to Brexit. The selloff that we have seen throughout the day is really about taking a look at the tariff conversation and realizing that nothing has been resolved and that there is still some work to do and some of the euphoria that we felt yesterday was more on the headline than on the substance.” father of the bride cufflinks amazon uk online. “Also, just overall that hangover from the Fed conversation last week, where most were assuming that the comments made by the Fed Chair (Jerome) Powell were indicating a slowdown in rate hikes..As we see today with New York Fed President Williams and his comments..that there may have been a misreading of what the Fed may be doing in 2019.”..

“You have Brexit, Fed speak and you also have tariff concerns that have come back.”. R.J. GRANT, HEAD OF TRADING, KEEFE, BRUYETTE & WOODS, NEW YORK. “We’ve had a huge move in the yield curve. Investors are worried about growth right now. Today is the perfect storm. You’ve nothing really tangible coming out of the G20 summit father of the bride cufflinks amazon uk online. You have worries about growth. “The rally last week was on hopes we’d get some big agreement. People that ran out and bought stocks yesterday are selling today as we break down.”..

SCOTT BROWN, CHIEF ECONOMIST, RAYMOND JAMES, ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA. “Many people are seeing this as less of an agreement and more of a ceasefire and it isn’t very clear on what both sides agreed to other than just a truce.”. “People are questioning the yield curve inversion as to whether the Fed has gone too far? Is there a recession ahead? And these questions are adding to the worries today.” father of the bride cufflinks amazon uk online. “We have had good growth this year, but it has got to slow down sometime at a more sustainable pace, it’s just a matter of labor market constraints.”..

RYAN NAUMAN, MARKET STRATEGIST, INFORMA FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE, ZEPHYR COVE, NEVADA father of the bride cufflinks amazon uk online. “Right now it’s a bearish sentiment. As soon as investors digested the information from the discussions they focused on the uncertainties and lack of details.”. “This (yield curve) is an additional negative that investors now have to deal with.”. “It is a risk-off environment because we are seeing those trade-sensitive stocks being sold off first. There is a sell-off in financials due to the flattening of the yield curve because that would significantly impact the earnings power of banks.”..

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JOSEPH LAVORGNA, CHIEF ECONOMIST, AMERICAS, NATIXIS, NEW YORK. “Growth may be slowing. That’s been a shop-worn theme the last six to eight weeks with data out of Europe and Japan that’s been weaker. The second thing is the Fed possibly going above and beyond what many, including myself, believe to be prudent on interest rates. Comments today from (New York Fed President John) Williams, which I am hearing second hand, would be like a reset on Powell’s testimony (last week) letter n cufflinks uk online. Maybe we’re not going to get as dovish a Fed as some think, at least not among some key policy-makers such as Williams..

“The combination of a Fed that maybe hasn’t fully repented combined with the ongoing concern that the economy is going to look weaker in 2019, seems to have crystallized into a bad day for markets. With people off tomorrow, if you’re going to sell they don’t want to wait another day. “My bigger-term thought is the curve has to invert, and it’s going to happen sooner than people think. If twos and tens invert between now and Dec letter n cufflinks uk online. 18, the Fed is going to have to take out some of the hikes next year, or they should do it. I’m worried that they won’t.”..

CHAD MORGANLANDER, SENIOR PORTFOLIO MANAGER, WASHINGTON CROSSING ADVISORS, FLORHAM PARK, NEW JERSEY. “It’s a convergence of several factors.”. “Trade issues are unresolved. There’s the additional factor of the yield curve starting to invert a modest amount at a certain point of the curve. That’s added to uncertainty about the future of the U.S. economy. “With that said, the U.S letter n cufflinks uk online. economy is continuing to grow, albeit at a modest decelerating pace than earlier this year. The Federal Reserve is reacting with a dovish signal. This is today’s trade in a nutshell.”..

“The yield curve has sent a chill down investors’ spines in regard to the future outlook of the U.S. economy. It’s the what-if scenario letter n cufflinks uk online. At the same time, the Federal Reserve is signaling that they will decelerate the pace of rate hikes, which has also shown us that the economy may not be as resilient as once thought. “The trade issue is a substantial overhang for uncertainty. The popular phrase is ‘we’re kicking the can down the road’.. I doubt we’ll get much clarity 90 days from now on a trade deal.”..

ROBERT PAVLIK, CHIEF INVESTMENT STRATEGIST, SENIOR PORTFOLIO MANAGER, SLATESTONE WEALTH LLC, NEW YORK. “It started a little bit before noon, that’s when the market started to expand to the downside. The market was concerned at the open on the mixed signals from the Buenos Aires G20 meeting. Mixed signals coming from the White House, Larry Kudlow, the president, Xi and China.”. “Then a couple minutes before noon, Treasury yields spiked lower and that’s when the selling in the stock market seemed to move to the downside. That’s indicating that the spread between the 2- and the 10-year (Treasury) started to narrow even more than it had been,  giving people concern that maybe the bond market is signaling a potential recession in the future letter n cufflinks uk online. That’s why you started to see some of the major selling pressure around noon to where we are right now..

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STOCKS: S&P 500 .SPX drops 3.24 percent; Nasdaq Composite .IXIC falls 3.8 percent; Dow Jones Industrial Average .DJI tumbles 3.1 percent; Russell 2000 plunges 4.4 percent. BONDS: 10-year yields US10YT=RR drop below 2.90 percent at one point (latest 2.915); spread vs 2-year notes narrowed to below 10 basis points (latest 11.3); the yield curve is now inverted from the 2- through 5-year maturities platinum cufflinks uk online. CURRENCIES: Dollar index .DXY has retraced most of the early-day losses, now little changed on the day..

MIKE TERWILLIGER, PORTFOLIO MANAGER, RESOURCE LIQUID ALTERNATIVES, NEW YORK. “Today seems to be driven by a realization that yesterday’s Chinese tariff-relate relief rally was misplaced. The gap between China and the U.S platinum cufflinks uk online. right now is wide and will not be bridged by promises of increased soy bean purchases. The appointment of Robert Lighthizer to lead the negotiation suggests that the strongest anti-China voices within the White House have the president’s ear, for now at least, increasing the risk of a protracted battle.”..

“It’s a stunning market backdrop where everything from the adjectives used by the Fed chairman to whom is appointed head of trade negotiations can roil the markets. While the macro backdrop remains firm, with strong earnings and historically low unemployment, sentiment is unquestionably vulnerable platinum cufflinks uk online. That would, in my view, fit the definition of an opportunity — a disconnect between the underlying and perception.”. YOUSEF ABBASI, GLOBAL MARKET STRATEGIST AT INTL FCSTONE IN NEW YORK..

“You’re seeing that risk-off move right back into play. A lot of people looked at the action from yesterday to preface today’s action. People found themselves to be hard-pressed to be encouraged. You had futures fail at a key level yesterday.”. “It felt like selling into strength on the back of the G20 news than any chasing or buying into that news. The trade talks were encouraging, but we didn’t get anywhere. The administration gets a little bit excited in communicating their message sometimes and then they have to walk back statements.” platinum cufflinks uk online.

“Some of it I would blame on communication from the administration, some of it I would say communication from the Fed. Today Williams was out saying the economy is on track and we’re looking forward to further hikes platinum cufflinks uk online. It goes against what the market got last week out of Powell when he painted a more dovish picture.”. “You got a mild inversion in the belly of the curve, I am sure there are some investment models that are reading this as OK, we’re potentially facing a big slowdown, lets pare down risk.”..